Sunday, October 31, 2004

A quiet Halloween

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Wouldn't have noticed that today was Halloween. After waking up at a respectable 9 AM (including the time change), Michele and I had some breakfast and then went to her brother's new apartment to check it out.

After playing an assortment of video games (Rayden wins!), we came back and watched some football and then skipped to the in-laws place to check out Baby James's (our nephew, Michele's side) first Halloween outfit. He was dressed as a Monkey. Very cute. :-)

Played with him a bit...he walks now...then watched the Bronco game and, oh dear lord, they got embarrassed for the second week in a row. This doesn't bode well.

We were going to eat dinner at NY Deli, but because of the weather we just stayed local and had some dinner at Johnny Carino's. The wait staff was dressed up, but it was a quiet crowd there, only a few tables occupied. We gorged as usual.

Came home and all the trick-or-treaters had passed I guess, because no one was around. Much like last year. I need to do some research on trick-or-treatin'ing, cause when I was a kid I'd see people everywhere, but nowadays no one is out. They go to a lot of malls, etc. Very odd.

Well, my fantasy team is getting spanked again...and I had such a good start to the day, too. It doesn't help that a full 33% (3 players) of my team have a combined total of 0 points due to injury or "dear god throw me the damn ball"-itis.


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Michele and I went to Adriana's very excellent Halloween party last night. Good show!! There was fun and games, pumpkin carving, Saturday Night Live, balloon bouncing, good food and way too much candy. :-)

Michele made a "Nightmare Before Christmas" pumpkin to near perfection using a stencil. She's never used a stencil before, so it was of course natural that she did a great job on her first try. I hate her!

I did a Ned Flanders pumpkin and had trouble with the stencil...somehow it survived to completion. I'll post pictures soon.

Here's what I ate last night:

1 piece of fried chicken (yumm!)
3 Yogi cookies
2 Hershey bars
1 Reeses Peanut Butter Cup
3 mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
2 celery sticks
9 baby carrots
1 Peep
3 Kisses (including one from Kimmie, ooh la la!)
1 Kit Kat

The frightening thing is that I ate the chicke after the candy. Not a good feeling!

Saturday, October 30, 2004


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Eminem is leading the youth vote against Bush with an amazingly powerful video. See Eminem's new video: Mosh.

A Nation Disunited.

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The Kerry-Edwards sign across the street was defiled last night, with someone spraying over it with black spray paint. I'm sure this person went on a little cruise last night, because who just happens to have spray paint in their car and has never seen any other sign?

It reminds me of how on September 12th, 2001, President Bush stood at that podium and told us that we were "a nation united against terror." Now, there is a war on cardboard signs. The nation is completely polarized. If this were 200 years ago, there'd be a civil war...obviously with the Liberals winning because we're a lot smarter than voter-intimidating, lying-coward, Republican jackasses. :-)

The sign is no matter, though. 4 MORE DAYS for Bush!

In reading the Osama bin Laden transcript, there is something curious which none of the news organizations seem to be telling us. Check out this section of the transcript:

The resemblance started when [former President George H.W.] Bush, the father, visited the area, when some of our own were impressed by America and were hoping that the visits would affect and influence our countries.

Then, what happened was that he was impressed by the monarchies and the military regimes, and he was jealous of them staying in power for tens of years, embezzling the public money without any accountability. And he moved the tyranny and suppression of freedom to his own country, and they called it the Patriot Act, under the disguise of fighting terrorism. And Bush, the father, found it good to install his children as governors and leaders.

As we've been clamoring about, Bush is after our freedoms. And it's interesting that bin Laden notes this as well.

I'm sure this message will polarize some people into voting for Bush. But, had they had 4th grade reading skills, and been able to read the transcript, they'd probably think otherwise.

I'm sure I'll see tons more "Osama loves Kerry" signs trying to scare me away from my vote. Perhaps I'll bring my Silver spray paint with me in the car.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Sawx Win It! Plus some...

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Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox (I'm sure they're reading this) on winning the World Series. It's been over 31,000 days since the last time they did it. :-)


Michele and I saw the eclipse last night...very cool! I can just imagine how people years ago felt when they saw it, thinking the world was about to crumble. hehehe

Bite Size Studios meeting tonight. Development has started on Friends and Enemies. I'll post screenshots once we get to that phase. :-)

The movie in my previous blog is from Truth and, where you can find some other very good movies, especially "What's so Funny?"

I'm sure now, more than ever, that Kerry will win the election and be our new president. He's neck and neck with likely voters, as the polls when the youth vote, and "been a long time" vote, and the college vote, and the world-be-damned vote comes in: KERRY IN A LANDSLIDE!

Hopefully getting my hands on "Outfoxed" today, a movie about right-wing media. (Fox News)

One of the pumpkins we bought for our Halloween party this Saturday is prematurely rotting. BASTARDS! A good one, too. Oh, well. Need to buy a new pumpkin today...perhaps will last a bit longer?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Guess what I see?

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Our across-the-street neighbors have installed a Kerry-Edwards sign...and it even faces us. It's the first sign on our whole block. :-) I think I'm inspired to go get one as well now...thank you!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Olympic Glory!

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The AC Olympics went very well yesterday. :-) Aaron,
Adriana, and Pam arrived at 11:40 and we watched some
of the Chiefs-Falcons game while we waited for the
second troupe to show. They were running late because
Mike had to bail, and K and Shawn were left without a
ride. They showed up at about 12:50, a bit late, but
we were still able to get everything in, plus some.

So it was K, Shawn, Aaron, Adriana, Pam, Annie, Ramon,
Kimmie, Michele, and I.

Event #1 was Russian Volleyball. We walked over to
the local schoolyard, Ute Meadows, and played the
first event. Michele and Annie sat out, and Michele
did the scorekeeping. The rules were simple: Russian
Volleyball, but with 2-man teams, points scored for
spikes and intercepts, and game to 15. The game wen
ton for about 40 minutes and just like last time we
all LOVED it. What a great game. Maybe I'll make a
video game out of it someday. :-)

Team Aaron-Ramon took gold, with John-Pam and
K-Adriana a close 2nd and 3rd. The final point was
registered by me when K and I were both reaching for
the ball at the end of the game. If he hits it, it
spikes off me and he takes silver. If I catch it,
point, and I get silver. It was a fun moment and a
fun game. I caught the ball. BOO-YAH! ;-)

Event #2 was supposed to be Laser Tag, but it was
decided that to facilitate easier travel arrangements,
we'd push that off til last since the place was over
at I-25 and Hampden. So we played Taboo!

I won't explain the rules of Taboo, but suffice to say
it is a great party game and I'm sure it'll make an
appearance when we head to Estes Park in January. We
once again formed teams (these were done randomly by
the way), and here were the results:

Gold - Ramon-Kimmie-K
Silver - John-Michele-Annie-Aaron
Bronze - Shawn-Pam-Adriana

The gold medal team really kicked butt, with a late
surge by my team...but it was much to overcome. WOW!

Event #3 was the much anticipates Adventure Club
Trivia contest! It was split up into two rounds.
Round 1 features 27 general questions. Questions
anyone could answer. Round 2 had questions about
people on the room, so the three teams rotated so that
only 2 teams at a time could answer, with the question
about the 3rd team.

In total, there were 57 questions. I think all but
about 4 were answered! Not bad! :-)

Gold: K-Shawn-Pam
Silver: Aaron-Adriana-Michele

Event #4...LASER TAG!!!! Actually, the results were
surprising! Ramon and I had played Laserquest several
times before, but the three medalists were virgins.
Once again, K showed superiority as he found a nice
sniping post and squashed the competition...OK, it was
close. ;-)

Gold: K
Silver: Aaron
Bronze: Shawn

The overall medals were presented afterwards to the
three top players on the day, based on medals.

Overall Gold: K
Overall Silver: Aaron
Overall Bronze: Ramon

CONGRATS TO ALL! Now don't sell the medals on eBay.

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Adventure Club '04

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Tomorrow I host the first Adventure Club of the 2004 season. What is Adventure Club you ask? It's something a friend of mine came up with several years back where a group of us get together and do something fun and interesting. One group member hosts per event. We've done events like Buffalo Bill's grave, Candle making, a creative secret santa event, going to the DPAC, and so on.

For the first event this year, I'm hosting a Laser Tag event. :-) Well, it's more than that, really. Last year I got the idea to do a laser tag AC after attending a really cool one downtown. Having an AC that's, errr, 20 minutes long, isn't gonna cut it though. So, I built up the day around a sorta "Olympic" theme. I'm going to host 4 events: Laser Tag, Russian Volleyball, Taboo (a board game), and a special AC Trivia game I've put together. There will be some other goodies along the way.

Probably my shortest AC. But it will be fun! Our next AC is to make a movie. The group as a whole has done 2 of them I believe. Michele and I have done 1 of them. It's pretty cool, Aaron hosts it and he's a video guy so he loves this stuff. The movies turn out really well too, he's very good. Looking forward to embarrassing myself... :-)

Thursday, October 21, 2004

SOX WIN IT!!!!!!!!

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I tired...I really, really tried! And I succeeded in not posting anything about the Sawx after they won game #2 and really had a glimmer of a shot to come back...and THEY DID IT! Now I can release!!!

The Red Sox, after being down 3 games to none, that's 3-0, to the Yankees, came back and WON THE SERIES and they ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I DESPISE the Yankees, and it was so great to see them suffer. No team in the history of baseball has ever lost a series after being up 3 games to none. But the Yankees are the first, and it happened to the Red Sox! This is unbelievable!

The sports community is calling it the "greatest choke of all time" and I agree. It's never happened, and it happened for the first time to the Yankees! The vaunted Yankees! YES!!!!!

So, now it's been 4 years since the Yankees have won the title. Not sure why they said 6 on the radio. Duh. The lats time the Yankees won a World Series seems like ages ago! But, I remember it like it was yesterda-a-a-a-y:

I lived at Village at Bear Creek. Actually, I was living with my ex- then so it was really, really bad times. (Looooong hideous horror story there) I remember that for the first game, some friends were going haunted housing, but I couldn't go cause I had to see my beloved Mets play the Yanks in the Series. We lost 4-1, but it was a pretty close series...each game was decided by only a run or so, but the Yankees were mostly on the plus side. :-(

But since then: 0 championships. In only a couple more years, we'll start to see more players from the late-90's championship teams start to really get up there in age, like Bernie Williams and Mariano Rivera. The players who are replacing these guys (Giami for Martinez, Sheffield for O'Neal, etc...) are not "winners" like the other other players were. They put up bigger numbers even, but they are not winners. And THAT is the difference. The Yankee $$$ keeps them competitive, but it's all fake. And once the entire core is gone, they will be left with overpriced millionaires and no minor league talent. A great day!

OK, I'll come off my soap box. For now, the Red Sox are set and stacked for the Series. They have Pedro and Schilling and 3 days to rest after tearing up their bullpen. This could be the year the curse is lifted!!! I can't wait to see Boston's reaction if they win it. They must be nuts there today. Oh, man!

As for Bite Size Studios, I got the Version Control System and Java IDE in line. I'll be using Subversion for the CVS and Eclipse for development. I'm very excited about both choices, as this is far superior to CVS and a text editor. :-) I look forward to learning everything about Eclipse, slowly but surely. I'm working on my Motoboat demo now.

Also, I saw a woman at the corner of Hampden and University this morning holding a sign, "Al Qaeda loves Kerry." This made me physically ill. People are so naive. This is just Neo-Con rhetoric with no basis of fact. And it's hypocracy to boot:

Over the last 3 years, Bush has fed us lines such as, "We must go about our days the way we always have. The terrorists want to disturb our routine, and if we let them, they win." So, we don't want to let the terrorist influence how we live our lives. But now, Bush is telling us that "The terrorists want Kerry to win, so we must vote Bush!"

So, what, even though we want to vote Kerry we must vote for Bush because that's what the terrorists want? I'm confused.

2 more weeks for these terror-mongers and then it's time to get a president in there that cares about the people. This fascism must fall. I really fear what 4 more years of Bush will do to us, but I am confident that he will fall.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Sawx win one!

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A little tired this morning, was up til 11:30 watching the Sox-Yankees game. Sox made a Major League movie-esque comeback in the 9th to tie, but waited til the 12th to win it...but win they did on a walk-off homerun by Ortiz! YEAH!

They play today at 3...c'mon Pedro!

Had a nice day yesterday, Michele and I had boughten (love it) an 8-lb turkey and so we invited her parents over and we have a little feat: turkey, real mashed potatoes, carrots, turkey-butt-loaded stuffing, and french-bread. Topped off with some apple pie and a 31-3 Bronco thrashing of the f***ing Raiders and have yerself a day! ;)

But now it's Monday, all that fun is over. I think I'll have some tea to celebrate...and awaken.

Researching Eclipse as well this morning. Eclipse is a Java IDE (in simple terms) and I've decided to go with it for BSS development rather than by hand with Ultra-Edit. But Eclipse is pretty robust and I need some more understanding of it. Very cool, though.

At 1 is Randi, but at 3 is baseball! :) C'mon Sox, one game a can do this! Just win today!

Friday, October 15, 2004

The weekend again? Fast! Now, be punctual...

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So tired this evening, so I'll quickly summarize my day for blog purposes:

1) Too tired to wake up.
2) Cinnamon n' Raisin Bagel w/Strawberry Cream Cheese.
3) Yelled at at Scrum.
4) NY Subs with Tony, Hemant, Sean, and Steve.
5) Internet downage.
6) Really tough EBF.
7) Checked in fixed EBF.
8) Heard Jon Stewart on Crossfire...peed pants.
9) Rainy drive home.
10) Dinner with the Yog' at Old Chicago's.
11) Chilling with the Yog' in the office.
12) Sleep. (Well, soon anyway...)

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Voting for Bush? Say goodbye to your freedoms.

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Voter Registrations Possibly Trashed

Now, this story needs to be sorted out. But, this is the type of sh** that the Bush Crime Family does. Keep an eye on this one...

"The company has been largely, if not entirely funded, by the Republican National Committee. Similar complaints have been received in Reno where the registrar has asked the FBI to investigate."

Gonna have to mow again...

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That grass refuses to die for the season...I'm gonna have to mow it again, I just know it. DIE! Where's the snow?? Don't make me have to mow you, you stupid grass!

Yanks won game 1. Crap.

Gonna have to mow again...

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That grass refuses to die for the season...I'm gonna have to mow it again, I just know it. DIE! Where's the snow?? Don't make me have to mow you, you stupid grass!

Yanks won. Crap.


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The comeback is complete!! I'm Your Vegas has been defeated! Three cheers for the Fuchsia Crush! :-)

Monday, October 11, 2004

2 points away?!?!?

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Steve McNair had had a great game and I am 1 point away from a tie and 2 from a win! But, the game is getting out of hand for Green Bay, too! My opponent is undefeated, and has been very very lucky so far this year. My fear is that my QB will be taken out of the game. :-( I feel sick...please Green Bay, score!

The Astros just won their first playoff series since, ah, ever!! Good for the Stros, they did it on the day we heard that Ken Caminiti succomed to a heart attack at the age of 41. Caminiti was the 1996 NL MVP and a really gutty player who had to deal with injury problems for a lot of his career and, unfortunately, had some runins with drugs that would lead to his death. RIP Kenny, you were a great one.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Jamal the bust..but am I still kickin'???

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Well, this is bizarre. No one on my team really had a good day, except Eric Johnson. Somehow, though, I am still in the hunt for the fantasy win?!

In tomorrow night's MNF game, I have Steve McNair and I'm down 21. First, he needs to play. He's coming off an injury and is probable, everyone is saying he WILL play, but ya know. Assuming he does, I actually have a good shot to score at least 22 because the Packer D is HORRID!!!

This would be a big win...and if I lose, well, maybe I'll be able to pick up Reuben Droughns. ;-)

I'm getting a tad worried on my F+E design. The game will be fat. No, not phat. FAT. In fact, I think I still have another week and a half of design to go. There's so much to this game. When it's done, it will be a great accomplishment...but how big willl the JAR size be? Hmmm...


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Oh, yeah, this is an ass whoopin!

ALF is born!

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The Amanda and Joed wedding went swimmingly! Everything went smooth for them, and we're verry happy they are now happily married! :-D

Ran into one issue. During the Electric Slide, a certain white boy with no groove accidentally stepped on Michele's foot and ripped up her nail pretty good. That damn bastard! Oh, was me. :-) Sorry, honey!

My fantasy football team is a disaster today. My running backs haven't put together a complete day yet...2 of my 3 are not starting today and I am facing 2 consecutive weeks without Jamal Lewis (a bye week and a suspension). I'm 1-3 on the year and right now I am losing 50-17, though I have an extra 2 players in tow. Still, not looking too good. Yuck.

Michele is baking cookies for a baby shower...ooooh, yummm...grum grum grum!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Michigan Absentee Ballot Favors Bush - Independent Media TV

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Michigan Absentee Ballot Favors Bush - Independent Media TV

Take a look at that! Scroll down and tell me how you would vote for John Kerry.

Guinea Pig Killer!

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Michele's guinea pig in the Sims just died. She'd made a painting of him and loved him so. But NOW IT IS DEAD!!!!! :-)

The poor thing tried to make it through the hunger that devoured it. He did laps on his hamster wheel...and he's not even a hamster. He thought if he could just plug through one more day, maybe there'd be a shot at getting a little water in his little guinea pig cage.

Bug Michele was too busy chatting it up with one of her sleeze friends. It seems there wasn't much time to care for the little guinea pig anymore.

Time goes on and people forget sometimes.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Is Bush Wired?

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Is Bush Wired?

Just watched the second debate. Kerry in a landslide, though Bush made it a little closer. Best line of the day: "I own a timber company? That's news to me. [8 second pause] Need some wood?"

From (

"President Bush himself would have qualified as a 'small business
owner' under the Republican definition, based on his 2001 federal
income tax returns. He reported $84 of business income from his part
ownership of a timber-growing enterprise
. However, 99.99% of Bush's
total income came from other sources that year. (Bush also qualified
as a "small business owner" in 2000 based on $314 of "business
income,'but not in 2002 and 2003 when he reported his timber income
as 'royalties' on a different tax schedule.)"

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bite Size Studios is born!

posted by John Blanco @ 10:38 AM


Home of Bite Size Studios!

On Monday, Al, Sam, and I met at Old Chicago...which marked the first meeting of our newfound gaming venture! Actually, Sam and I were meeting Al for the first time luckily we all got along quite well. :-) On the agenda was to discuss our ideas and expectations of the group, plus to think of a name.

Last night, we settled on it: Bite Size Studios! Not bad, not bad... :) The domain is purchased, and we're awaiting the name servers to pick up our Web space. Soon, our games and demos will be available in the ether that is the Internet. Wahooooie! I'll post our permanent link then. (Obviously,

Some other names that came up while we were deciding: Ninja Idiot, Ninja Pug, Ninja Barnacle, Suicidal Immortal, Demonic Happy, and Microscopic Games.

Tomorrow, we hope to settle the responsiblities for the Web site. Al will be admin, but we don't know who will put the site together. We also look forward to Al's logo design. Very eager to see. :-)

Saw the VP debates last night. Pretty even. Both candidates made good points, and both failed to defend certain claims. One shock is that Cheney said that he'd never met Edwards before. (He is the president of the Senate, and Edwards is a Senator [NC] after all). As it turns out, they have met...TWICE! Not sure why Edwards didn't bring it up then. It's not an important issue, but it'd been nice to point out that Cheney may be senile. ;-)

What Cheney didn't defend was the mistake that was invading Iraq. In fact, he said he'd do it all over again if he had to. That makes me very afraid. Ummm, no WMD's and you still want to invade? Are you sure you're telling the God's honest truth there? Ya suuuuuuuuuure?

OK, today is the day i check my closet to see what I'll wear to the wedding on Saturday. I've lost 30 pounds in the last few months, so I need to make sure things still fit right. ;-)

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

You dare accuse someone else of "flip flopping"?

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I love it. George W. Bush's entire campaign strategy is to convince the American people that Kerry is a "flip flopper" on the issues.

This, from a man who says "We must defend American freedom!!!" to ravishing applause from his fellow Republicans.

This, from a man who's Bush Crime Family denied tens of thousands of black Floridians the right to vote in order to hiijack an election from Al Gore just 4 years ago.

Monday, October 04, 2004

One week til Amanda and Joed's big day!

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In one week our friends Amanda and Joed are getting married and wow, the day has jumped on everyone faster than expected! When they were at our wedding, it was like "This will be you in a few months..." Now, it's here?? Michele and I have been married almost 6 months now. Incredible!

But now it's there turn, so in true male fashion I'll likely check my closet for appropriate dress sometime this week, hopefully by Friday. :-) It will be nice to go to a wedding again where it's no ours. I've been to three other weddings (Ya get off easy when you abandon your home state at 20), but I haven't appreciated them now that I've had my own. Can't wait to see what they have arranged. I wonder if the Fly-boy has anything fighter-jet-related? ;-)

Today, Al, Sam, and I are meeting to discuss project plans for the J2ME project. I'm psyched and ready to go. I got Tetris on my phone this week, so both of my personal projects are playable! Not a bad piece of work, though the internals need some help. Luckily, Tetris development is done and there's no need to clean up...just learn the lessons.

Today is the last possible day to register for Colorado elections. I hope everyone registers and, hopefully, more people than not vote for Kerry. Not sure what I'll do if Bush cons his way to another win this time around. I'm hopeful though. If the Dry Al Gore can "deserve" the win over Bush 4 years ago, and this election is seeing huge increases in voter registration (likely pro-Kerry), than can Bush really stand a chance? Lop on a humiliating defeat in the first debate and two upcoming debates which will feature Kerry's more "sensible" plans on energy and the environment...and uh oh for W.

Fantasy League not going well this week. Pray for a 6-touchdown performance from jamal Lewis tonight. (eeeeeps)

Friday, October 01, 2004

Kerry proves what we already know.

posted by John Blanco @ 6:54 AM poll, Kerry or Bush?

Watched the presedential debate from beginning to end last night. John F. Kerry finally proved to the country what everyone's been hoping: He will be the next president.

Body language. He handled himself like he already was the president. He spoke smoothly and was very prepared to deal with the topics discussed. His plan is clear, and it always has been mind you. Bush stumbled, spent several 5-second segments staring at the camera having no idea what to say. Kerry stood upright, while Bush was gripping the podium like he was holding on for dear life. And he is this morning.

The issues. Kerry's plans are thoughtful, sensible, and in line with what the people want. As an American, I don't want to be symbolically hated. People around the world have gathered against us, and against the symbol of our country as it stands today: George W. Bush. A man with no qualification. A man who lies to our face. A man who is only interested in himself. A man who had to rig an election to win it. (Gore was no prize anyway)

Bush's biggest fallout was his repeated (and repeated, and repeated) use of the term "mixed messages" last night. Just like the right-wing Christian groups, the Republican propoganda machine has told W that this is the route of attack. Bush couldn't argue any of Kerry's views (they are sensible and correct), and he couldn't out-debate him (Kerry is a wiser man). He could only keep saying "mixed messages" over and over, and couldn't come up with anything original. This was no more apparent than after Kerry's re-re-re-re-clarfiication on his outlook of the war. If Bush was confused, he should have been made clear. Yet, Bush went with the "mixed messages" argument yet again as he apparently had no other ammo to go with. Sad.

Let's talk about mixed-messages. Let's be up front with this. Kerry has never given mixed messages about anything. His opinion is complex, as is the reasoning and thinking behind the war. While Bush tries to simplify the matter of our Iraq invastion with "we must defend our freedom," Kerry knows it's not so easy. Yes, Iraq needed help...but he accuses Bush of going about it incorrectly. Yes, Kerry did give Bush power to start a war, but it was not on the terms that Kerry outlined. (Aliances, etc.)

If you want to vote for Bush, think of this. The sons on Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower ARE VOTING DEMOCRATIC. And, as Kerry so poignantly pointed out last night, W's own father said that invading Iraq would be a silly thing to do.

I hope to see more from Kerry. I can't wait for future debates that center on the issues I'm most strongly in support of Kerry with...namely his views on energy and the removal of our dependence on foreign oil in lieu of better technologies, and (this hits home) the removal of tax breaks to American companies that farm out work to other countries. As a member of the IT industry, this hurts me the most. Part of our development team is farmed out to India and let's just say their work (sloppy) and communication abilities (they work while we are asleep) are not up to par. That's a fact.

Today is Friday, and thud, Bagel Day at Taliant Software. A nice way to celebrate victory last night...32 days to go til elections.

Can't wait for 1 o'clock to listen to Randi on the radio. :-)