Sunday, November 19, 2006


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This has been a loooooooooooooooooong but fun day. Here's the lowdown...

I woke up at about 6:15 AM. Seeing as I went to sleep at 1 AM, this seemed ungodly, but I was JAZZED for the Wii.

I showered and packed up my backback with a granola bar, some magazines, my Nintendo DS and The Sims 2. I wasn't sure if there'd be some sort of line or not, but I wanted to be at least somewhat prepared.

I kissed the wifey and was off to Target to try and track down a Wii.


It's about 6:20 and I am getting close to Target. The mission is to pass by and see what the situation is. The info I had was that there was going to be a "Wii lottery" for whomever is around at 7 AM. The store was to open at 8 AM.

Well, as I pass by I see a loooong line. From the door, around the parking lot, and along side it for several spots.

"WHAT?!" I exclaim to myself. I certainly didn't expect that many people -- and why were they in a line if this was going to be a lottery. I was troubled and decided to proceed on to see how Best Buy was looking.

Along the way, I stopped at McDonald's to pick up some breakfast. Then, I go a block further to see the situation.

As I pull into the parking lot I am alarmed to see that a quarter of the lot is full! There is a line of people going from the door and around the store. There is even a tent!

The info I had on Best Buy was that they would have 150 Wii's and that it would be first come first serve. There seemed to be about 80 or so people in line, so I decided to just take the sure bet. The problem for me was that the store was going to open at 10 AM and I was facing 3 and a half hours of waiting!



I get out of the car with my bag and breakfast and proceed to the end of the line. At the end was a woman named Janie who I struck up a conversation with. She actually worked at that Best Buy and was in line to buy a Wii for her neighbor. The humorous part was that she was playing her Game Boy Advance -- but the game she was playing was Tetris for the OLD GAME BOY. (I didn't even know it could play those!)

Well, lucky for me, I found out the store was going to open at 9 AM instead of 10. Also, I learned that they would be handing out numbered tickets at 8, so I only had an hour and a half to wait. Which was good, cause it was frickin' cold!!!

I talked to Michele a couple times on the phone, and she came over at about 8:30 after I'd gotten my number -- #51. We chatted with Janie and the guy behind me, who was a bit younger than me and more of a gamer.

The line started moving at 9, but I we didn't get to the transaction til about 10. They had a nice table full of Wii stuff to choose from as you walked through. My heart was fluttering. ;-) We got a memory card, a 2nd controller, and some controller bras. (Ha!) We already had the games...

Then, at the customer service desk, we got the Wii. Oh, the box is beautful! The only problem was that they were sold out of nunchucks! No problem, I hit a couple stores but we narrowly missed a debacle when I found one at Game Crazy. :-)


At about 11 we were finally settings things up. The games are glorious! Wii Sports is ammmazing! I love it!

Another feature of the system is the Mii profiles. You can create characters and they will mostly appear in Wii Sports, but they will see more usage later I'm betting. I took some pics and posted them below. :-)


And after hours and hours of playing, this blog is done. :-)

Marilyn Manson

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Baby Cedric

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My Sister Pam

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Midnight Is Here!

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Mobat, I am with you in Wii spirit! Enjoy your Wii, I shall soon join you in merriment!


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In just 12 little hours, I will be hopefully receiving word that I will be getting a Wii! I will be at the SuperTarget in Littleton, CO, playing the Wii lotto. :-)


Friday, November 17, 2006

ME GOT WII GAMES!!!!11!!!one!!!!one1!!!

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WHOO HOO! Michele and I just got back from Best Buy. They had the Wii games out and we snagged 3! Raving Rabbids, Madden 07, and Call of Duty 3! We're set for launch day!!!! WHOOOO HOOO!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No, I Don't Like ColdPlay

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At work right now listening to ColdPlay. I don't like them. The music is pretty ambient (X & Y), but it's putting me to sleep.




WHOA! Wha? Oh, sorry, fell asleep there! OK, OK. Yeah, so I'm at work. Not much in the way of defect work, so I have been learning JSP and JSF. In fact, there's been so little work, I *finished* the JSP book and am now working on the laborious JSF book.

Well, it better get interesting, because soon I'll be doing this for a living. :-)

Let's see, what else is going on? Nothing much, really...Michele is still pregnant, and if you look at the top of my blog you will see the little baby indicator that says how long we have to wait. It's getting close!!! :-O

4 days til the Nintendo Wii is released. I'll be there at Target to try to get one early in the morning. :-) Cross your collective fingers for me!

Vacation in one week!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Who Wants My Teal Nintendo DS?

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My Nintendo DS is on sale at eBay. :-) If you want to make an offer, go here:

Buy My Nintendo DS Here!

It's in great shape. I'm buying a Nintendo DS Lite and using the money towards it. Mobat, you genius! :-)

Saturday, November 11, 2006


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Happy 30th to me! :-)

Thursday, November 09, 2006


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30th Birthday Dinner!

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To celebrate my 30th, we're going to Cinzetti's on I-25 and 104th. :-)

Anyone reading this is invited! Here are the details:

What: My 30th Birthday!
Where: Cinzetti's (I-25 and 104th, near the Home Depot)
Why: Just a nice get together. :-)
When: Friday, November 10th @ 6:30 PM

One More Day Til 30 :-(

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Today is my last day in my 20's. It's been a good ride. 9 years and 364 days' worth. :-)

Some highlights as a 20-something:

  • First software development job at 21.
  • First apartment at 21.
  • Met Michele at 25.
  • Bought first house at 26.
  • Married at 27.
  • First baby on the way at 29. :-)

I welcome in the big 3-0 for a whole new era of fun and excitement. :-)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Early On At The Party

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Vincen and Michele Ready To Celebrate!

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Me and Vincen

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That's me looking like a cow...?

Pat Waak - Colorado Democratic Party Chairman

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Early Returns For Winter (Blechh...)

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Diana DeGetter, Denver Congresswoman

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Jay Marvin of AM 760

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He is interviewing Matt Ingwalson from

The MSM :-)

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The Gang!

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From L to R: Peter (Linn's brother), Linn, Damon, Me, Michele

Me and Damon

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We met Howard at the party. He was a volunteer for the Ritter campaign and was celebrating all night.

Just Me Watching The Returns

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Andrew Romanoff

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Andrew Romanoff, Majority Leader in the State Senate, came by, hobbled and talk.

Bye Bye Bob

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Bob Beauprez's concession speech.

Bill Ritter Making Way To Podium

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Bill Ritter walked right past me on the way to the podium to give his acceptance speech. :-) He's obscured, but he's the one giving the hug.

Bill Ritter Acceptance Speech

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The new Governor of Colorado!!!!


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Just back from the downtown party. I'll blog about it tomorrow, but it was great!! Ritter won! Perlmutter won, and he's now officially the first Congressmen I've met. :-)

Winter lost as expected, and right now it's not looking good for Angie Paccione. I hope she has a few good precincts left in her...please, please, no more Muskrat!

We had so much fun with friends! I'll post pics tomorrow and try to post some movies on to YouTube!





There is only this President's a beautiful day. :-)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Radical Left?

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If you watch Fox News, you'll hear the term "radical left" a lot. I mean -- A LOT. Michael Moore, Hillary Clinton, Air America Radio, Daily get the picture.

Why are we alled the "radical left?" Well, the only reason is fear. Working for better public education and healthcare and equal rights for a gay person doth not make you "radical." That and, well, they are SOOOOO far to the right we just seem so far away. :-)

Case in point, here's a comment from a Free Republic blogger which, if you vote Republican, are the views you are certainly aligning with:

I believe Haggard is the guy the MSM has been setting up recently as an advocate of the global warming theory.

His dethroning actually helps President Bush in his opposition to Gore and the environmentalists.

And that's why I vote Democrat, thank you very much. :-)

The Time To End The Bush Agenda Is Here!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006


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I'm transforming! :-)

I've been pushing to do this for a while, but I'm finally going to transform my career. After many false starts and flip-flops, I am doing the double whammy.

Firstly, the ever-secret Operation: Ruby 615-DD is underway. Now, news from work.

I will be transitioning from ActionScript 1.0 development (d-e-a-d) to the bleeding edge Java Server Faces. :-) I have no idea how to do JSF, but it's great anyway.

JSF is part of the J2EE framework and I look forward to learning a TON of new technology very soon. Finally, I will be getting real Java experience in the workplace. Finally, after all these years.

My C++ career is officially dead. I'll likely fulfill my promise of never doing C++ again. Good riddance. And, as it appears, Flash may be dead, too -- though I still have good enough experience with it, maybe one day I'll do some Flex work.

Congrats to me. ;-)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Comments On Election Day, Nov. 7th

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A friend of mine asked me today, "Are you more excited about Election Day or Wii Day?"

If you weren't aware, Nov. 19th is the launch of Nintendo Wii. I intend on spending a good part of that day with Michele and good buddy Sean enjoying our new toy. But, Wii Day can't hold a candle to Election Day.

I have been looking forward to 11/07/06 for a long damn time. Want proof? Check out this post in June of 2005.

I have been wearing this blue bracelet ever since. It has NEVER ONCE left my wrist. Never. Over a year.

There are three things scrawled on this wrist. First is "Think Blue Dems," the organization that made it who's link you will always find on the left side of my blog.

The other two items are "11/07/06" and "11/04/08". These dates are the next two major elections. And guess what...11/07/06 is in just 6 days now.

America is a great country, one of the greatest in the world. We are at the top of a lot of "World's Best" lists, folks. Why are we so great?

We are great because our forefathers made us great. It is now time for us to take over the job. A friend at work said to me a few weeks ago (I paraphrase):

I believe America is the greatest country in the world. That's the difference between you and me. And I believe that's the right attitude to have.

No, it's not. It's a horrible attitude to have, frankly? It's a horrible attitude to have because it breeds laziness and taking what we have for granted. It is our DUTY to not only continue keeping this country great, but to make it EVEN BETTER.

We're going to take that step Nov. 7th. The Bush Administration is tearing this country apart and, for a time, we will stop them.

What will we try to gain? We'll try to gain a fair wage for those of us who work 40+ hours of hard labor a week but still can't feed our families.

We will work towards getting a healthcare system that matches the amazing talent of our doctors. One that will keep us healthier, instead of woefully behind.

We will vote for the environment, the single most important thing we have. Without it, nothing else matters. We must take steps to curb the Global Warming effect and silence the naysayers who's motivation for disputing this fact is simple greed.

We will vote against the partisans who are decrying a VIETNAM VETERAN as being anti-troop. Yes, a cabal of people who never ever served in the military are defiling a VETERAN and WAR HERO. And, no, this is not the first time he's been attacked.

And finally, we will vote for equal rights for all. The foundation of our Constitution. The simple legal protections that loving gay partners can use to visit each other after hours at a hospital, or collect a pension when one dies. How dare people vote against love.


Yes, Wii Day will be a great day that I look forward to spending with friends and a favorite brand. November 7th, on the other hand, I wouldn't trade for anything.

See Here For More.