Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Memorable Day

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Today was one of those memorable days you'll never, ever forget. Sometimes, you can have these days without any significant even occurring. Today wasn't one of those days.

The day stated off early, about 6:00 AM. Michele, Cedric and I were going to see Barack Obama at Denver University. The plan was to drive there, get there about 7:30 AM, and watch the speech at 8:30. That is so far from what happened it's ridiculous!

We left a little before 7 AM, and were right on schedule. However, while listening to the radio, they mentioned Barack's being at DU at -- 10 AM? That's not right. We looked at the RSVP's and sure enough, the DOORS OPENED at 8:30 AM. The speech was at 10. Dang! This was spoiling my plan to be at work by 10:30.

Since we had the extra time, we went to Perkins for breakfast, and then at 8:20 or so we left.

We were a half-mile away from DU when I suddenly noticed a LOT of cars parked on the side of the road and in the neighborhood. Whoa. There were Obama stickers all over! OMG people are parking already!! Quickly, we found a spot and had to walk a ways to get to DU.

As we were walking, we could see the mass of people. A lot of people were here!! As we got to the edge of the campus, we could start seeing THE LINE. IT WAS HUGE!!!!! Holy crap. A woman was walking with us (Cedric was flirting with her while we walked) and we walked together for over 20 minutes before we could find the end of the line. Oh, man. The hope of getting in to see Barack speak was slim to none.

We walked and walked and found the end of the first huge line, and then saw another. We followed that one around and around until we hit a quirky U-turn and...ukkk, it was just too long. On top of that, Cedric was starting to cry from the cold and wanting his mommy...and we just assumed we'd never make it so we decided, disappointedly, to leave. :-(

On the way out, we passed by the other end of the line, and what does Michele hear? Someone was calling my name. I look, and it's...ready?...BILL SINCLAIR! A friend of mine I worked with in 2001 at Qubit Technology. We've been in touch slightly since then, but haven't seen each other since about 2002. And here is at the Obama rally! Freakin crazy. We chatted for a minute, but Cedric was upset and we had to go.

We went all the way back to the car. Michele fed Cedric while I was just sad to not be able to get in. After she was done, I decided I'd just walk to the DU Light Rail Station rather than have her drive me to D&B's. So, I left while Michele drove home.

Now, here's where the story gets weird.

So, I'm walking to the Light Rail Station and as I look to my left, I just was so sad that here's the huge rally going on, and these HUGE lines, and I'm just walking by them. I had 2 hours before I needed to be at work, so...I just decided WTF, let me wait on the line and if I don't get in, I don't get in. The end of the line is right there!

So I just go on the line and whip out my book and read while I wait...not moving. An Obama coordinator was there and she was saying there was a large spillover space for those who couldn't get in. Well, hmm, that might be OK. Big screen with sound, OK, OK.

So, I was standing there for about 5 minutes, watching the cop car pull up. Reading. Then, a few minutes later and I hear sirens coming. The guy in the cop car jumps out and runs over to the taxi that was sorta blocking the entrance to the parking lot and smacks the trunk and yells at the guy to "Move, move!"

I'm totally unthinking to what's going on. And then I see a bunch of cop cars and, seriously, my only thoughts are that there must be an incident going on. Cop car. Cop car. It's a motorcade! The people on the line stat buzzing and I'm starting to realize what's going! And here comes a Town was BARACK! In the rear driver-side seat is Caroline Kennedy, and in the passenger side is Barack, waving at us on the line. How. Freakin. Sweet. :-)

So, my thoughts at this point, besides "Wow", are that even if I don't get in, how lucky was I to actually be one of the few to have seen Barack already! Cool.

A bunch of us were chatting about the event and then somewhere further up some others joined the line. Two other women and I were chatting for a while as the line was moving pretty fast. While we were still quite a ways from Magness Arena, we heard the chatter that the "doors were closed." Uh oh. So we kept walking.

As we got to Magness, people were streaming out. Rejected. As we got closer, an Obama volunteer was directing us to the Lacrosse Field for oveflow. They said sound would be pumped out so we could hear the speech. That sounds, OK. I can work while I listen!

Our little trio had to hop down some steps and we walked all the way around onto the Lacrosse Field. The weather was sorta nice and we got pretty close to the stands. Then, we heard that Barack would be coming out to say hello. Whoa!

I had decided the location he'd likely be, judging by the security and where the mic was being set up (wink!), and so we moved in closer to that spot. Just a few minutes later, the crowd was roaring in places...he was coming!

And then Mr. Obama came out from the tunnel and there he was -- 60 feet away! He waved and gave a 3-minute speech. His comment was "Looks like we need a bigger boat!" Wow, there he was...awesome! I only wished Michele and Ceddy were here to enjoy it with me. :-( By that time, she was already home, having called me while we were on the field.

I made sure to call her several times so she can hear things over the phone. Too bad we didn't come up with this plan before. Ah, well. He'll be back. :-)

The speech lasted til about noon and then I took the train to work. Which was packed, mind you. More like New York than Colorado. :-)

A fun day. One I won't soon forget.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gonna See Barack Obama Tomorrow :-)

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Michele, Cedric, and I are headed to go see Barack Obama tomorrow! He's speaking at the DU campus @ 8:30 AM and I'm super-excited to see our next President give a speech. Can't wait! :-D


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Monday, January 28, 2008

God Help Us, The Final SOTU!

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In the eighth and final year of George Bush’s presidency, Americans have stomach-clenching worries about a recession, soaring fuel costs, huge budget deficits, the war in Iraq, fighting in Afghanistan, a showdown with Iran, global terrorism — the list goes on and on.

It’s a far different world from the one in which Bush first took the oath of office in January 2001. Then the U.S. had a budget surplus, its armed forces were not in active combat and the new president’s approval rating stood above 60 percent.

Nice one.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Straight Talk from John McCain!

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Tax Relief!

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Whew! Did taxes this year and got our usual nice refund (homeowners know what I mean -- plus a Cedric this year!)

Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better situation for us than this time last year. Those would have been gloomy times if not for Cedric's imminent arrival. ;-)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Fuck You, Johnny Damon

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"Rudy has done such a great job for New York," said Damon "After the terrorist [attacks] he made New York closer, he made America closer and he is gonna make this country a better place.”

Oh really, Mr. Centerfielder? This is his campaign commercial:

Absolutely. Freakin. Disgusting. His entire message is that of fear. As if we don't know the dangers of today's world? Where is his message of hope? For affordable health care? What about the economy and the recession we've been dragged in to? How about a plan to get us OUT of Iraq, and to turn off the tap of our billions of tax dollars being poured, not in the services middle-class Americans need so dearly, but for war and reconstruction?

Leaders don't lead with fear.

Johnny Damon doesn't share my problems and those of millions of Americans. Johnny Damon and his 10+ million-a-year salary don't speak to me. And, I assure you, Johnny Damon doesn't know jack about what Rudy Giuliani did for New York.

Nice try, Rudy. That's why yer double-digits down in your own home state and getting far less than 10% in all the states that have held elections so far.

A noun. A very. And 9/11.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

LIVEBLOGGING - Phone Banking for Obama

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Ever wonder what phone banking for a political candidate is like? Well, I'm liveblogging the 30 or so calls I need to make today. So here goes. :-)

Peggie - Greeted with a "no solicitations" automated message. Guess I'm hanging up.

Linn - My friend, Linn, and not on my list. But I figure I needed to practice my delivery. :-) Linn supports Obama! WHOO!

Toni - Uhhh, there's no phone # listed. I think Sharleen canvassed this house and no one was home.

Hector - NO NUMBER!

Patricia - No answer. Not going to leave a message because they'd never call back anyways.

James - NO NUMBER! Who will be my first call recipient??

Andrew and Elaine - Elaine answered! And she was very nice. She is leaning Hillary. I invited her to the Obama house party if she was looking for more info, but she declined. Finally, a call. ;-) Thank you, Elaine!

Alexander - Another good call. They are undecided. Leaning Obama he thinks, though, but his wife is like mine and also not sure. Very nice, and he called me bud. He was interested in the house party and I gave him info on that. This is getting a little easier for me now. Cedric is awake, but playing by himself, so we'll see how many calls I can do. ;-)

Lorraine - A neighbor down the street. She wasn't home but the hubbie asked what I was calling for. I told him who I was and he interrupted and asked me to stop calling. Brave, since I already said I was his neighbor. I'll teepee his house tonight...KIDDING!

Doreen - Undecided. Was nice.

Cyndi - Answering machine.

Salwa - No number again.

Tracy - Answering machine.

Emily - No number.

Joshua - Answering machine. Though it was quick, and I accidentally started responding to it. They fooled me!

Susan - No number.

Iris, and a bunch of others as I've gone on a streak! - No answer.

Daniel - Doesn't know and is not going to caucuses. Bah.

Heather - Very nice and undecided. Going to caucuses.

All done! Whew. Ya feel bad calling people and interrupting their day, but most everyone was pleasant on the phone. The other half just don't answer their phone -- sorta like Michele and I. :-)

Time to call Sharleen.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Audacity of Hope

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Finished. Excellent. :-)

Enjoying Your Republican Tax Cut?

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The Republicans love to spew on and on about tax cuts. Well, one problem is that these tax cuts are primarily for the very, very, very, very rich. The tax cuts center around corporate taxes and capital gains. While you and I may invest, the gains we receive from our gains are tiny compared to what the very rich are able to invest in.

Another problem with their tax cut nuttiness is that our economy cannot handle it. We have a huuuuuuuuuuuge federal deficit bordering on 10 TRILLION. Our budget deficit is in the hundreds of millions, and they don't even take into account the money that's borrowed stolen from the Social Security Trust and the cost of the Iraq War! (Afghanistan neither, but most of us agree with the need for it so I'll let that one go.)

As proof, see the economy. :-/ Better yet, check out this priceless headline from today's news:

Inflation rate is worst in 17 years

The article is here. Now go off and do the math in your head and you'll realize what's so flippin' wrong with the Republican Party.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Six Flippin Years :-)

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On Saturday, Michele and I celebrated our six year anniversary having met each other. We met on January 12th, 2002. :-)

We spent the morning with breakfast and went downtown around noon. We took the Light Rail in with little Cedric in his stroller. He loves watching outside the train window! We took the D, since the C doesn't run, and walked down to Union Station where we went to Rodizio to eat. Yummm! It was my first time there (though not my first time for Brazilian dinner) and both enjoyed it and ate way too much. ;-) Cedric was a good boy the whole time, too...poor guy, had to eat apple and blueberry baby food while mom and dad had 7 kinds of meats. ;-)

Afterwards, we walked over to Larimer Square to find the Democrat T-shirt Michele had seen once earlier. At Cute as a Button, they were all sold out (ironically, even though they got the Republican versions at the same time, the Dem ones all sold out and they hadn't sold any of the Republican ones!) but we did get a tie dye. :-)

Heading back to the train, we barely missed it! So, we headed to Starbucks and had a hot chocolate and vanilla bean frappuchino and snuggled while we waited. Awwwww.

To six wonderful years...and to many more!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

ME IS SO HAPPY!!!!11!!!!!!1!!!!1!! :-D :-D

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Marilyn Manson and Twiggy Ramirez Are Back Together!

Wed Jan 09, 2008 at 08:13:16 PM

In a surprising turn of events, I just received a press release from Marilyn Manson's record label that confirms the reunification of Marilyn Manson and guitarist Twiggy Ramirez, who left MM in 2002.

Joining Manson and Twiggy onstage for the U.S. leg of the Rape of the World Tour will be Chris Vrenna, Rob Holliday, and Ginger Fish. Tim Skold has amicably split with Manson, but future collaborations aren’t being ruled out between the two.

Expectations for the upcoming tour are best described by quoting one of Manson’s most infamous lyrics, “Everyone will suffer now”. Looks like the shit is gonna hit the FANS.

WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't know who Twiggy is, he's the guy who did the music for Reflecting God, Irresponsible Hate Anthem, and Beautiful People. There's nothing more to say. He left Manson to join A Perfect Circle in 2002. BUT NOW THE DUO IS BACK!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Clinton Wins Round #2

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Gosh I love politics. :-)

Hillary nipped Obama tonight in New Hampshire, a great surprise win on her part. Her victory speech was incredible and she's repositioned herself as favorite I'd say. Obama, in defeat, still wins because the American voters get to watch him give his speech, too. (Once again, incredible.)

The Dems look really good. Looks like Hillary and Obama, but John Edwards...who knows. A second comeback from our side?

One week til Michigan...

Monday, January 07, 2008

New National Poll #'s

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Obama 33% (+6)
Clinton 33% (-12)
Edwards 20% (+5)

Holy. Moly. Clinton and Obama now TIED!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Want Him To Be Your Friend?

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Vote Republican and you'll get this guy as a peer:

Saw the whole thing and didn’t see or hear Hunter. Hate to tell you, but Duncan was not there, although “space cadet” ron paul was.

FRED did very well and as I cringe to admit it Mitt did too.

McLame can’t get over AMNESTY and keeps buying into “we are causing global warming” BS.

Huckleberry is sounding more like the dims. Noticed him huggin up to hitlery at the Pubby end between debates.

Yes, this is what American families are thinking. Absolutely. She's HITLER-Y. And that "global warming" garbage. And what's the definition of amnesty? (More on my blog tomorrow.)

4 hours of debate watching has me tired...oh, man, what I have to say about so-called amnesty...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

<-- Proud Democrat

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The Iowa Democratic Party released the following turnout information tonight, to be updated later this evening:

"With 93.5 percent of the precincts reporting we are seeing record turnout with 234,000 caucus attendees."

In 2004, the turnout was about 125,000 caucus goers.


America has spoken.


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Iowa Caucus - 70% Reporting

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Barack has the edge! Come on, buddy!!