Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Still on the Clock

posted by John Blanco @ 7:53 AM


We're now 3-4 days from Michele's due date, depending on who you listen to. :-) Still waiting. Sometimes it feels like it will never happen, which is of course ludicrous. The odd thing is, and I'll say it again, it feels weird that we just watch TV or play games or mundanely cook dinner...we're gonna have a baby ANY DAY!


Anyway, the days have been filled up with lots of useful stuff as well. We recently had a little "shock and awe" while doing our taxes this year. RUH ROH! Caught us off guard, so we're having to recover a bit by putting together a very low expenditure March...and kicking ass doing it. :-)

I'm also doing my usual side work, though not as much as there used to be. Either it will pick up or I'll have to find some other work to keep me busy. I'm playing with something new, too. :-) it may even lead to said work...albeit slowly.

I also solved Phoenix Wright 2, which is the second game in one of my favorite video game series' ever. It was great as was the first game. I can't wait for 3! :-) Playing Cooking Mama now and Brain Age again. Really fun! We also bought SSX Blur for Wii. That is a delight...and it's been fun seeing reviews of the game where the wussy-ass reviewers just can't handle the controls and bitch about it. Sorry guys, you are what we called "the past." Some of us keep up with the times -- you are NOT it. :-)

Oh, and Glenn and Danielle sent the cutest thing yesterday! It's a onesie that says "This is How Cedric Rolls" with a pic of stroller in the middle. Cuuuute! :-) Thanks guys!

Otherwise, back to waiting for "the phone call"... :-)


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