Monday, February 26, 2007

Batteries: Recharged

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Well, somehow I was able to parlay my crappy ass week last week into a setup for a good one this time. Fun on the weekend combined with getting a lot of stuff done helped -- even if we couldn't do everything we wanted to. :-)

On Saturday, we took our real final baby class at St. Joe's. This was the Baby Business seminar where you get a head start on the paper work. We started the birth certificate application and some other forms. It was largely boring.

Afterwards, we went downtown to meet our buddy Damon for lunch at The Market. It was like old times. Damon sipping on some coffee (the barista recognized him 10 years later!), me drinking a Snapple. And now, the new addition, pregnant Michele to join in on good times. :-)

After lunch and some walking around, we had a couple hours free. We called up Mobat to see what he was up to and he met us at his house for some XBox 360 fun. :-) He showed us all the big games. Gears of War was the most impressive, but Dead Rising seemed like some good mindless fun. :-) After some chit-chat, we left for event #4, dinner.

We took Amanda and Jackie out for dinner as a thank you for hosting our baby shower. Joed also came along which was great, because he was due to head to Chicago (he's a pilot), but luckily Chicago was iced over. ;-)

So Michele and I, Jackie, Amanda, Joed and baby Isabel went to Old Chicago for Italian Nachos and all things delicious. Afterwards, we rented Cars and it was a funny little movie. KACHOW! ;-)

Yesterday, Sunday, we were supposed to do Adventure Club, but Michele was pretty sore and hurting and so we stayed in and got some good housework done:

  • Cleaned out the storage area and re-org'ed for space.
  • Cleaned out the garage and made more room.
  • Finished putting together Cedric's play area.
  • Finished Cedric's bedroom.
  • Vacuumed
  • Packed the suitcase! (OK, duffel bag.)

Don't worry, Michele didn't do any heavy lifting -- she got the lighter stuff. :-)

And now, back to work on a Monday. Blah!


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