Saturday, February 17, 2007

You Gotta Be Shittin' Me?!

posted by John Blanco @ 11:21 AM


OK, if anyone wants a restraining order against us, I can understand. We have had a complete week of bad luck, and it just capped off (God I hope it capped off!) 10 minutes ago.

The trouble all started Valentine's Day. Go figure. Michele was going to pick me up from work so we could head to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. She calls me about 20 minutes before I expect her to arrive to say that my car, which she was driving, had died in the turning lane onto the highway. It wouldn't restart. Her parents were not around and there was no one to help...especially as I was stranded at work.

Long story short, she was able to get the car running again after 15 minutes and get back home to get her car. The car we're days away from trading in for the new CR-V. After picking me up and enjoying dinner, on the way home the next unlucky happenstance occurred. The windshield cracked.

Minutes after that. Crack again. She now has a fancy new line running along the bottom of the windshield. After making a call to Honda, we determined the crack would cost her car $75 of trade-in value. Dandy.

The next day, I brought my car in to get serviced. They fixed it and charged us a little under $400. Dandy. To top that off, when I got in my car to leave, the engine light was on again and my car was driving at 1/4 the speed. I brought it back in and it turned out they forgot to reattach something. So far, the car is back to normal.

Today, Michele and I brought the cats in to the vet. We now have to take the auto-feeder away and feed them twice daily. Suck. Then the kicker...

We get home and have lunch. We were going to help Michele's brother, Andy, move today. While eating lunch, we heard a retched noise coming from the garage. We both stared at each other. When the wailing ended, I snuck in there to see what happened.

We saw nothing.


So finished lunch, after checking the rest of the house, and then called Andy and got ready to go. We packed up the car and then realized that the garage door wouldn't open. It would stop after raising a foot and then go back again. Michele noted that a giant spring above the door seemed like it had separated. Damn.

We released the manual switch and I tried to lift the garage. Here's a word of advice: If the spring above your garage door snaps in half, don't try to lift it yourself! The thing weighs a ton and long-story-short our cars are trapped inside for the next day.

The only luck we have had is that the guy can fix our garage for pretty cheap, and he'll come tomorrow.


I'm afraid to see what else this week has in store. :-(


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