Saturday, March 03, 2007

Why I Don't Vote GOP

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I've had people ask me over the last while why I am a Democrat. I correct them by saying that while I do vote Democratic, I wouldn't vote for a party over a candidate. Aligning yourself with a party, maintaining a blind faith, is ridiculous.

The reason why I have registered as Democrat and volunteer for Democrats is simply because that's the system we live in today. It's a two-party system, unfortunately.

But, why do I vote for Democrats?

I vote for Democrats because I have four strong beliefs:

  • I believe in destroying unfair prejudice.
  • I believe that all responsible Americans should receive healthcare.
  • I believe our greatest investment is in public schools.
  • I believe our most moral investment is in renewable energy.

I can go all day about the last three, but this blog will focus on the first. Today's GOP is a big tent, much like the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, there are some very sketchy groups in the GOP's tent that I not only can't support, but I can't even define as "human."

One of these groups is the Evangelicals. To the real Christians out there, I'm sorry. This group has smeared your name. When I was young, I was a Catholic. When I got older, I stepped away from religion with all due respects. Nowadays, I see this group as doing something completely dangerous: merging church and state. You can see me dry heave when I see a so-called Christian with a bumper sticker that says "Bush/Cheney".

My response? You can't pick and choose your sins. How many times have you seen someone call homosexuality an abomination, but they have no problem enjoying pre-marital sex? These are the kinds of people that pick the sins they aren't interested in and call themselves better than those that "commit" them.

Hey, Mr. Dobson, before you call me an abortion-lover, remember what they say about he who cast the first stone...

Now, enter the queen, Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter was born and raised in Conneticut. She is a gigantic hypocrite that puts all other hypocrites to shame. She wrote a book called Godless. She wrote a book called Slander.

This is a woman who has advocated for the assassination of Bill Clinton. This is a woman who calls Al Gore -- married with children -- a homo. This is a woman who is single herself with no children.

And now, check this out:

Coulter Calls Edwards a Faggot

And this is my problem with the GOP. They support this woman. They love her. While they point their fingers at Michael Moore and Al Gore and George Clooney, they cheer this lady on. I don't care what your politics are, but there is a clear difference here. While you might dispute global warming (you live in fantasy), or Farenheit 9/11, or the situation in Darfur -- you are free to debate with these characters.

Ann Coulter, on the other hand, just loves to smear smear smear to the point it makes no sense. Calling people "faggot" and "homo"? Think about the people who throw these words around...

Until members of the GOP denounce this woman -- which has never happened -- they never get a vote from me. And the sad thing is, there are more just like her.


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