Friday, March 02, 2007

Talk About An Unlucky Streak :-(

posted by John Blanco @ 11:02 AM


Michele and I's streak of bad luck has continued full force into week 3. Here are the events of the last three weeks, with the last two having happened yesterday alone:

  • My car died while Michele was driving, stranding her. $400 to fix.
  • Michele's car failed to start. (We fixed this ourselves, luckily.)
  • I got sick and missed 2 days' worth of work.
  • Our garage door broke down. $200 to fix.
  • I accidentally knocked my work PC over and the hard drive crashed -- lost everything!
  • Got Michele's W2, added it to our filing -- and we went from nice refund to ugly owe. :-(

Yes, yesterday goes down as a miserable, miserable day. But we keep fighting forward...and we're only two weeks away from Cedric's due date. So keep yer chin up! :-)


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