Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Enjoying Your Republican Tax Cut?

posted by John Blanco @ 8:38 AM


The Republicans love to spew on and on about tax cuts. Well, one problem is that these tax cuts are primarily for the very, very, very, very rich. The tax cuts center around corporate taxes and capital gains. While you and I may invest, the gains we receive from our gains are tiny compared to what the very rich are able to invest in.

Another problem with their tax cut nuttiness is that our economy cannot handle it. We have a huuuuuuuuuuuge federal deficit bordering on 10 TRILLION. Our budget deficit is in the hundreds of millions, and they don't even take into account the money that's borrowed stolen from the Social Security Trust and the cost of the Iraq War! (Afghanistan neither, but most of us agree with the need for it so I'll let that one go.)

As proof, see the economy. :-/ Better yet, check out this priceless headline from today's news:

Inflation rate is worst in 17 years

The article is here. Now go off and do the math in your head and you'll realize what's so flippin' wrong with the Republican Party.


Blogger Marshall said...

Let Cedric pick up the bill, you can already see he is an animal, I bet on a daily basis he will be picking up cars, elephants, super models...a small 10 trillion dollar bill will be nothing for him. Bet he has it done by lunch.

The republicard - because leaving the bill for the children is what Jesus would do.

5:09 AM  
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