Monday, January 14, 2008

Six Flippin Years :-)

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On Saturday, Michele and I celebrated our six year anniversary having met each other. We met on January 12th, 2002. :-)

We spent the morning with breakfast and went downtown around noon. We took the Light Rail in with little Cedric in his stroller. He loves watching outside the train window! We took the D, since the C doesn't run, and walked down to Union Station where we went to Rodizio to eat. Yummm! It was my first time there (though not my first time for Brazilian dinner) and both enjoyed it and ate way too much. ;-) Cedric was a good boy the whole time, too...poor guy, had to eat apple and blueberry baby food while mom and dad had 7 kinds of meats. ;-)

Afterwards, we walked over to Larimer Square to find the Democrat T-shirt Michele had seen once earlier. At Cute as a Button, they were all sold out (ironically, even though they got the Republican versions at the same time, the Dem ones all sold out and they hadn't sold any of the Republican ones!) but we did get a tie dye. :-)

Heading back to the train, we barely missed it! So, we headed to Starbucks and had a hot chocolate and vanilla bean frappuchino and snuggled while we waited. Awwwww.

To six wonderful years...and to many more!


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