Monday, January 21, 2008

Fuck You, Johnny Damon

posted by John Blanco @ 9:16 AM


"Rudy has done such a great job for New York," said Damon "After the terrorist [attacks] he made New York closer, he made America closer and he is gonna make this country a better place.”

Oh really, Mr. Centerfielder? This is his campaign commercial:

Absolutely. Freakin. Disgusting. His entire message is that of fear. As if we don't know the dangers of today's world? Where is his message of hope? For affordable health care? What about the economy and the recession we've been dragged in to? How about a plan to get us OUT of Iraq, and to turn off the tap of our billions of tax dollars being poured, not in the services middle-class Americans need so dearly, but for war and reconstruction?

Leaders don't lead with fear.

Johnny Damon doesn't share my problems and those of millions of Americans. Johnny Damon and his 10+ million-a-year salary don't speak to me. And, I assure you, Johnny Damon doesn't know jack about what Rudy Giuliani did for New York.

Nice try, Rudy. That's why yer double-digits down in your own home state and getting far less than 10% in all the states that have held elections so far.

A noun. A very. And 9/11.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent post! I had not seen that disgusting video and shame on Rudy Guiliani.

My feeling is Johnny Damon has found his PERFECT candidate -- a womanizer who cheated on his wives (THREE of them) and used municipal services with tax payer money to hide, escort, and woo the woman(women) he cheated with. A man who announced his separation from his 2nd wife at a press conference, without telling her first. A man who married his 2nd cousin...

A man who makes a campaign commercial like that. Yeah, Johnny Big Brains: THAT is the kind of man I want to run this country. Nice to know Johnny is all for sending this great nation COMPLETELY down the tubes once and for all. Whatta patriot. No doubt he will win some 'compassion' award from the BBall Writers Assoc...

6:36 AM  

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