Sunday, January 25, 2009

Break Room LIVE!

posted by John Blanco @ 7:48 AM


In the last week, I've become a fast fan of Break Room LIVE!. The hosts, Marc Maron and Sam Seder, are favorites of mine from back in the olden days of Air America Radio when The Majority Report (Sam Seder) and Morning Sedition (Marc Maron) were my world. :-)

They do an Internet-only show, from Air America, that goes an hour each day -- and it's live on the site at 1 PM. I generally watch the archived stuff since I can't stream at work. And let me tell you, if you don't want to watch full shows, at least watch the skits -- they are brilliant. :-) In fact, it's littered with comedy skits and the show is simply hilarious, while also supplying great progressive news! The show generally goes about 50 minutes, and then they spend 10 minutes in a post-show chat, where listeners can interact with the hosts.

Embedded here is the post-show chat for Jan. 23rd. If you go 6:40 in, you'll hear my IM (ZaBlanc of course).

Don't get my comment, it's a reference to this skit involving Sam's daughter (from a little over a week earlier):

Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Life, South Beach, and Other Musings

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It's only a few days into the Obama Presidency, and I find I still need to pinch myself. :-) So far, we have Gitmo closing, torture ending (including so-called "harsh negotiations"), and an end to some of these federal bans on abortion funding.

He's had as good a three days as I could have imagined. Hillary got a great welcome at the State Department, and she gave a rousing indication of where she's going to take them. He had some positive calls with Muslim countries. He even spoke some fluent Indonesian with a State worker, haha!

In fact, I will even refuse to say the 4-letter named ex-President on this blog for quite a long while.

Prediction: Obama captures bin Laden in his first term.


It's official, Cedric is addicted. Nay, a-d-d-i-c-t-e-d to Elmo. :-) He is very excited to watch Elmo's World videos, at least twice a day, and he absorbs them like a sponge. Either Michele or I try to watch with him, since we don't want to just sit him there...but, man he loves it. :-)

Wow, he's gonna be 2 years old in less than 2 months. Wow. Wow.


Today marks the end of a pretty arduous streak of work. One of my clients will take a break (gosh I hope) after the day, and then I can focus on my OTHER client starting Monday. I also have a lot of extra time to put in at the day job. Trying to manage it all, and I think I'm doing a decent job. Yeesh!


Today is Day 7 of a reversion to South Beach Phase 1. South Beach is a forever diet. I've been on Phase 3, but it started to get out of control and I was feeling pretty darn flabb-o-rific. So, I reverted to the strict Phase 1 for a while. I'll finish out the week today. I think I've shed about 6 pounds this week. Didn't have too rough a time, either, since my body is used to it. I even had some BBQ this week (but no buns or extra sauce or sides!).


OK, guess what? Back to work. Story of my week. :-/

Friday, January 09, 2009

Review Day

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Today is my first review at EUI. I finally get to find out where I stand. The fun starts @ 2:30, Mountain Time. :-)

Update: Good news. I am still employed! HOORAY!!!