Sunday, January 25, 2009

Break Room LIVE!

posted by John Blanco @ 7:48 AM


In the last week, I've become a fast fan of Break Room LIVE!. The hosts, Marc Maron and Sam Seder, are favorites of mine from back in the olden days of Air America Radio when The Majority Report (Sam Seder) and Morning Sedition (Marc Maron) were my world. :-)

They do an Internet-only show, from Air America, that goes an hour each day -- and it's live on the site at 1 PM. I generally watch the archived stuff since I can't stream at work. And let me tell you, if you don't want to watch full shows, at least watch the skits -- they are brilliant. :-) In fact, it's littered with comedy skits and the show is simply hilarious, while also supplying great progressive news! The show generally goes about 50 minutes, and then they spend 10 minutes in a post-show chat, where listeners can interact with the hosts.

Embedded here is the post-show chat for Jan. 23rd. If you go 6:40 in, you'll hear my IM (ZaBlanc of course).

Don't get my comment, it's a reference to this skit involving Sam's daughter (from a little over a week earlier):


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