Sunday, December 21, 2008

A 2008 Review: Part 1

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Every year, at the end of the year, I like to review my resolutions and see what I accomplished and didn't accomplish.

This year I do it in two parts because I had a bonus post last year predicting 2008 might be the best year ever. Here are my comments on that:

Hmmm, maybe the impossible question, but 2008 will be one heck of a year if your name is John Edward Blanco Jr. :-)

First, there is the Presidential race. I'm for Barack Obama in case you've never met me. :-) I hope to do some volunteer work for the campaign, and I hope the campaign is still going by Novemeber. ;-) OBAMA '08!

OBAMA DID WIN!!!! I did a little bit of volunteering, phone calls as the Colorado primary approached. After that, Cedric and the side work I had to do (to keep up with the economy) took over. However, I did enough evangelism, donating (the most I've ever donated to a candidate), and T-shirt billboarding to keep me satisfied -- and we won it big!!

Second, there is the US Senate race to replace the old do-nothing, Wayne Allard. Mark Udall is the Dem candidate and I appreciate and support him. UDALL '08!

UDALL DID WIN!!!! Though, sadly, and admittedly, I did not donate to Udall. I just had too much money going to Obama. But, he won anyway and my gamble paid off. ;-)

Third, Cedric turns 1 year old, and it will be super fun to see him starting to really grow up. :-) I look forward to all the new things you can do with a 1-year-old!

And a year later, what fun we had! Cedric really interacts now, and we have lots of fun throwing the ball back and forth with each other and teaching him new things. :-) Looking forward to another year -- and Baby Boo #2 is on the way -- due April 10!

Fourth, I look forward to re-shaping my physical well-being. I have mentioned specifics in my 2008 resolutions, so I don't need to detail it here. 2007 was a flabby year. :-)

Uhhh, yeah. Actually, I did. Then, well, got so busy. Still working on toning up. Wii Fit helped for a while. I also got back to DDR. But, so busy busy busy. it's no excuse.

Fifth, I look forward to getting back to chess. It's been a long time. I'll really look forward to sharing it with Cedric when he gets a little older!

I'm on my way. I started the year getting back to chess, and ended it that way as I prepare for my return tournament in January. But, in between, I focused on Rapture In Venice only. So, I'm happy with it.

Sixth, my new job at EUI will really begin to change me as a developer (and already has). I look forward to seeing where I'll be on New Years '09!

And it has! Loving EUI! I'm a much stronger developer as I've been freed from 4 years of forced labor at Fiserv!!! ;-) Creativity returned!


Was it the best year ever? I don't know, maybe. My brother-in-law died of brain cancer this year. Also, the economy really sucked -- even though Michele and I have done well thanks to Rapture In Venice really starting to take off -- I acquired 4 new clients this year. :-)

So, it was a mixed year. Great professionally, heartbreaking family-wise. There will always be ups and downs. Michele, and Cedric, and I are healthy and happy at years end, and that's the most important.

To 2009!


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