Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day!

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Happy Turkey Day!

Michele and I are sittin' here cooking. I'm making broccoli, Michele is baking cookies. We're headed over to the in-laws in about an hour. I'm also bringing our Wii...too bad I don't have a second guitar, been playing a lot of Guitar Hero lately. :-)

Speaking of GH...if you are a Wii owner, avoid Guitar Hero: World Tour. The original Guitar Hero III has been graphics, better sound, better scoreboard (you actually see your song scores so you can try to beat them), and frankly, MUCH better music -- though that might just be my taste. Everything is just so much better on the first one. That's why I will be working on mastering the game playing THAT one. ;-)

What else is going on? Let's see. I landed another contract last week, so I've been working some side work lately. This one should be done by Christmas. It's my 5th unique client in a year and 4th in 6 months (which is the timeframe where I've been pushing on Rapture In Venice).

Next year, I'm gonna try to push for bigger contracts. That'll be my resolution for the year. In a few years, who knows...maybe it goes full-time. That's the hope, anyway.

Also, been listening to a lot of System of the Down lately. Great little band, especially the Toxicity album. I may go in for Mesmerize, too.

Another thing that's come up is chess -- again. :-D It happened about a month ago when I had a lot of free time on my hands, though can't remember why for. Rare. Seems like I should remember. And -- I had NOTHING to do. And I realized I needed something to do other than side work.

So, I broke out my favorite hobby. :-) In fact, I am un-retiring from tournament play, too. Long time readers of my blog will remember this tournament. It was my last as a week later I decided to pursue mobile phone development and try to parlay my free time into money. Well, nearly 5 years later, I am doing that. So, now, time to do go back to what I love to go with it.


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