Friday, December 26, 2008

My 2009 New Year's Resolutions

posted by John Blanco @ 8:29 PM


The last two years have been sketchy in terms of hitting these, but I've hit the important ones. This year, with Baby #2 on the way and my focus on Rapture In Venice, the list becomes lean and mean. No silly stuff. But, I can't hesitate to brag that I am less than a week away from NO FRENCH FRIES IN 2008!

OK, OK, back under control. Now, the lean and mean resolutions for 2009:

Here we go:

1. Acquire three new clients for Rapture In Venice.

I've signed 4 new clients in the last year. This year, I'd like at least 3 more. I scale this number back a bit because I'd also like to get some longer contracts, so this number is realistic.

2. Defeat Josh @ Age 8 on Chessmaster

A month ago I was close to making this resolution obtaining a 1600 rating in chess. However, in the last week, I found a comfort zone with playing Chessmaster and some light study as a way to improve my chess while having fun at the game. So, I'm keeping this resolution focused on single-player competition. No running around to tournaments -- in 2009. :-)

Gosh, how depressing, my goal is to beat a virtual 8-year old?

3. Read Lord of the Rings

OK, this one may be silly. But, I've been reading so many book series' lately, I think it's time to read this one (and enjoyed it). I'm already actively reading The Hobbit, which I've read before back in 2001. Re-reading it cause it just seems like I should. Enjoying it again.

The reason this becomes a resolution is because in 2002, I tried to read Fellowship of the Ring and became dreadfully bored and hated it. Later, I watched the movie and then dated Michele and...well...stopped reading the book. :-)

I'll get through it this time. Besides, I still don't know what happens in the second and third books, haven't seen those movies, so...I have something of interest to read.

4. Create an "Identifying" Application for Rapture In Venice -- via Facebook?

This is an important one. I'd like to make something people use. A lot. I can't expect grandeur, of course, but I'd like something to help identify my company and help bring clients to me.

I'm thinking something on Facebook (adding to the millions already there), something more interesting than the usual minutiae. It also would serve as a platform for PHP, which I'm returning to, and perhaps some AJAX which is something I want to investigate more.

5. Pass the Flex & AIR Certication Test

A couple years ago I had a resolution to get certified in something. At the time, the thinking was PHP. But, I went to Ruby later that year (writing a RoR site) and never got to it.

This year, I'll do it. I want to do it for Effective UI, but it will benefit Rapture In Venice, too. Certification can be more important to clients, and mine are the same.

Flex will be an easy certification as I'm an expert already.

6. Pass the PHP Certification Test

This one will be longer term. I'm no PHP expert. I'm probably not even a PHP intermediate! But, I will harness it through the year and will target a late-Fall certification attempt.

Would be a nice combo, Flex and PHP. No?

7. No Soda in 2009.

This is my "french fry" goal, but for 2009. No. Soda. Michele is making the same promise. Can it be done?


Blogger Linnea said...

Are you going to eat 10 pounds of french fries as the clock strikes midnight?

7:35 PM  
Blogger John Blanco said...

No, it'll be at least 12:01. Don't want any ambiguity. :-)

I've already decided, I'll be having my first fries at Red Robin!

6:29 AM  
Blogger Linnea said...

Are they still open at midnight?

1:38 PM  

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