Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Idiot Right

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Being lectured by a half-dead felon the President is an illegal alien.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life is a Hurricane

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I don't know, maybe it's just me. Life is a hurricane when it comes to being busy. You go through periods of madness, followed by quiet -- and then BACK to madness.

My development firm, Rapture In Venice, has been successful. I've managed to keep a somewhat steady stream of work, and it's allowed us to be a SI household. But, there have been times that have felt like I'm running through a doughnut!

Just a couple months ago, work was crazy, I had a come-and-go client very much a-coming. Tasks for a second client, and I was going a little mental. Then, no work for a month. Just a few days ago, I felt a little bored.

Well, that changed quick. :-)

First, I landed a contract for an iPhone app. My first independent contract, though my 5th app (wait, let me see, Shapes and Colors, Task List, Secret App, Secret App, Wite Box, and then there's iStrip which I've started...), well, OK OK, 6th and a half app. :-) Happy with it. Cool project. Cool boss man.

Second, another contract may be coming. I'm not optimistic, but I should hear real soon. Also iPhone. 7th and a half app.

Third, work is starting on a Flex project that has been simmering for a while, but now is ready to burn. Some new Flex stuff, too, so will be fun.

So, three projects...and OTHER possible work! Suffice to say, I won't go more than three. Chances are it won't happen anyway. On top of it all, though, two projects will lead to other work. So, I'll be busy!

Also, a new project at work is coming. I can't discuss it, but let's just say it is absolutely fitting for me. :-D

Friday, July 10, 2009

iPhone Activity

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Recently, I released a unit testing framework for iPhone. Wite Box is not only my vision of what unit testing should be on iPhone, but it's also one I will use. :-) Starting a day or two ago, I began a new iPhone project which I won't go into, but it's an entertainment app and will be a challenging implementation.

Task List is still available. It's my todo list for iPhone. I've gotten steady sales, and today it's now in the magical "Top 4" for iTunes searches if you search for "task list". That means it comes up on the first screen. It's also showing up on the "todo list" search as well, something I didn't fix until yesterday. I expect sales to increase today.

Retirement? Well, let's just hold off on that. ;-)

Monday, July 06, 2009

Task List for iPhone!

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Good news! Task List is now available in the App Store! Whoo!

This is my second iPhone app. Enjoy!!!

The Problem with our Culture and Censorship

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The headline:

Debbie Rowe lobs F-bomb at paparazzi

This personifies the problem with our culture. This woman has been crushed with reporters, journalists, photographers, etc. since Michael Jackson died. Every last work she says is bit upon. She gets no privacy. The paparazzi run loose. Surely, something needs to be done about this kind of invasion on privacy rights.

No. She said the F-word. OMG!

Actually, last week Jon Stewart had a great comment about this. A guy on Fox news was rambling about the USA needs a good attack by Osama, with nuclear weapons, to wake up. The man advocated us getting hit to justify our security decisions. On the airwaves. For children to see and hear.

But, god forbid we see a boob on TV.

None of this mentions the endless violence and sex that pervades everything we see or hear. Even just outside my office, at the bus stop, is this extreme closeup pic of a woman with her breasts hanging's advertising perfume.

But, we can't see the nipples, that's obscene.

Sadistic society, ain't it?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mets Depression

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This has to be the worst year as a Mets fan I can imagine. They've lost not one, not two...THREE superstars to injury: Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, and Carlos Delgado. It's not really even common to have injury issues in baseball. Football? Sure. The Broncos kept nobody healthy last season except their lame-duck QB.

Baseball? Nah.

Sure enough, 40% of our starting staff is hurt and our setup man, JJ Putz. Despite the injuries, the Mets are STILL just 3 games back of 1st place. What makes it sadder, though, is I can very easily count 3 games the Mets' DOWNRIGHT EMBARRASSING DEFENSE has cost us:

* Two months ago, against the Marlins, Johan Satana's gem was a loss due to an easy fly ball dropping in when LF Daniel Murphy fell for no reason. The Mets lost 2-1.

* One month ago, in a tie game in LA, the Mets scored what appeared to be the go-ahead run in the 10th. To our utter dismay, despite scoring several seconds of any throw to home plate, Ryan Chruch was ruled OUT because HE FAILED TO TOUCH THIRD BASE. The Mets lost in the bottom of the inning.

* Two weeks ago, in the first game against the rival Yankees, with 2 outs in the 9th and a 1-run lead, Luis Castillo dropped a can-of-corn popup that -- instead of ending the game -- allowed the Yankees to win.

* Last night, an inning-ending fly ball with the bases loaded was magically turned into a virtual GRAND SLAM when Fernando Martinez, earlier in the inning, inexplicably fell while chasing down a would-be out and Johan walked the opposing pitcher on 4 pitches. Johan Santana made a throwing error which allowed the 4th run to score on the double. They lost 6-3.

It's been some snake-bit year for the Mets and Broncos. All one can hope is that for all the HORROR that has gone on, the Mets can somehow survive a tad longer to get some players back. It doesn't look likely, though.