Monday, July 06, 2009

The Problem with our Culture and Censorship

posted by John Blanco @ 4:21 PM


The headline:

Debbie Rowe lobs F-bomb at paparazzi

This personifies the problem with our culture. This woman has been crushed with reporters, journalists, photographers, etc. since Michael Jackson died. Every last work she says is bit upon. She gets no privacy. The paparazzi run loose. Surely, something needs to be done about this kind of invasion on privacy rights.

No. She said the F-word. OMG!

Actually, last week Jon Stewart had a great comment about this. A guy on Fox news was rambling about the USA needs a good attack by Osama, with nuclear weapons, to wake up. The man advocated us getting hit to justify our security decisions. On the airwaves. For children to see and hear.

But, god forbid we see a boob on TV.

None of this mentions the endless violence and sex that pervades everything we see or hear. Even just outside my office, at the bus stop, is this extreme closeup pic of a woman with her breasts hanging's advertising perfume.

But, we can't see the nipples, that's obscene.

Sadistic society, ain't it?


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