Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Comments On Election Day, Nov. 7th

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A friend of mine asked me today, "Are you more excited about Election Day or Wii Day?"

If you weren't aware, Nov. 19th is the launch of Nintendo Wii. I intend on spending a good part of that day with Michele and good buddy Sean enjoying our new toy. But, Wii Day can't hold a candle to Election Day.

I have been looking forward to 11/07/06 for a long damn time. Want proof? Check out this post in June of 2005.

I have been wearing this blue bracelet ever since. It has NEVER ONCE left my wrist. Never. Over a year.

There are three things scrawled on this wrist. First is "Think Blue Dems," the organization that made it who's link you will always find on the left side of my blog.

The other two items are "11/07/06" and "11/04/08". These dates are the next two major elections. And guess what...11/07/06 is in just 6 days now.

America is a great country, one of the greatest in the world. We are at the top of a lot of "World's Best" lists, folks. Why are we so great?

We are great because our forefathers made us great. It is now time for us to take over the job. A friend at work said to me a few weeks ago (I paraphrase):

I believe America is the greatest country in the world. That's the difference between you and me. And I believe that's the right attitude to have.

No, it's not. It's a horrible attitude to have, frankly? It's a horrible attitude to have because it breeds laziness and taking what we have for granted. It is our DUTY to not only continue keeping this country great, but to make it EVEN BETTER.

We're going to take that step Nov. 7th. The Bush Administration is tearing this country apart and, for a time, we will stop them.

What will we try to gain? We'll try to gain a fair wage for those of us who work 40+ hours of hard labor a week but still can't feed our families.

We will work towards getting a healthcare system that matches the amazing talent of our doctors. One that will keep us healthier, instead of woefully behind.

We will vote for the environment, the single most important thing we have. Without it, nothing else matters. We must take steps to curb the Global Warming effect and silence the naysayers who's motivation for disputing this fact is simple greed.

We will vote against the partisans who are decrying a VIETNAM VETERAN as being anti-troop. Yes, a cabal of people who never ever served in the military are defiling a VETERAN and WAR HERO. And, no, this is not the first time he's been attacked.

And finally, we will vote for equal rights for all. The foundation of our Constitution. The simple legal protections that loving gay partners can use to visit each other after hours at a hospital, or collect a pension when one dies. How dare people vote against love.


Yes, Wii Day will be a great day that I look forward to spending with friends and a favorite brand. November 7th, on the other hand, I wouldn't trade for anything.

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