Sunday, November 19, 2006


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This has been a loooooooooooooooooong but fun day. Here's the lowdown...

I woke up at about 6:15 AM. Seeing as I went to sleep at 1 AM, this seemed ungodly, but I was JAZZED for the Wii.

I showered and packed up my backback with a granola bar, some magazines, my Nintendo DS and The Sims 2. I wasn't sure if there'd be some sort of line or not, but I wanted to be at least somewhat prepared.

I kissed the wifey and was off to Target to try and track down a Wii.


It's about 6:20 and I am getting close to Target. The mission is to pass by and see what the situation is. The info I had was that there was going to be a "Wii lottery" for whomever is around at 7 AM. The store was to open at 8 AM.

Well, as I pass by I see a loooong line. From the door, around the parking lot, and along side it for several spots.

"WHAT?!" I exclaim to myself. I certainly didn't expect that many people -- and why were they in a line if this was going to be a lottery. I was troubled and decided to proceed on to see how Best Buy was looking.

Along the way, I stopped at McDonald's to pick up some breakfast. Then, I go a block further to see the situation.

As I pull into the parking lot I am alarmed to see that a quarter of the lot is full! There is a line of people going from the door and around the store. There is even a tent!

The info I had on Best Buy was that they would have 150 Wii's and that it would be first come first serve. There seemed to be about 80 or so people in line, so I decided to just take the sure bet. The problem for me was that the store was going to open at 10 AM and I was facing 3 and a half hours of waiting!



I get out of the car with my bag and breakfast and proceed to the end of the line. At the end was a woman named Janie who I struck up a conversation with. She actually worked at that Best Buy and was in line to buy a Wii for her neighbor. The humorous part was that she was playing her Game Boy Advance -- but the game she was playing was Tetris for the OLD GAME BOY. (I didn't even know it could play those!)

Well, lucky for me, I found out the store was going to open at 9 AM instead of 10. Also, I learned that they would be handing out numbered tickets at 8, so I only had an hour and a half to wait. Which was good, cause it was frickin' cold!!!

I talked to Michele a couple times on the phone, and she came over at about 8:30 after I'd gotten my number -- #51. We chatted with Janie and the guy behind me, who was a bit younger than me and more of a gamer.

The line started moving at 9, but I we didn't get to the transaction til about 10. They had a nice table full of Wii stuff to choose from as you walked through. My heart was fluttering. ;-) We got a memory card, a 2nd controller, and some controller bras. (Ha!) We already had the games...

Then, at the customer service desk, we got the Wii. Oh, the box is beautful! The only problem was that they were sold out of nunchucks! No problem, I hit a couple stores but we narrowly missed a debacle when I found one at Game Crazy. :-)


At about 11 we were finally settings things up. The games are glorious! Wii Sports is ammmazing! I love it!

Another feature of the system is the Mii profiles. You can create characters and they will mostly appear in Wii Sports, but they will see more usage later I'm betting. I took some pics and posted them below. :-)


And after hours and hours of playing, this blog is done. :-)


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