Tuesday, April 01, 2008

South Beach Diet - Day #11

posted by John Blanco @ 5:47 AM


Ohhhhh, no.

Last night was a disaster. The Mets opener was at 2 PM, and I was watching it at work on GameCast. We wet up 6-0 and another Met fan who works with me Jason, and I celebrated a bit earlier with some champagne up front. It was Johan! It had to happen. But, champagne, last I checked, is most definitely not on the phase 1 list. :-/

But, that was just the start. *sigh*

On the way to the train station, my body was starting to tingle. It wasn't used to alcohol, which is sugar. My blood sugar was tanking so I had to get something. Obviously, your choices are low in downtown, so I had to stop at the Qdoba near the 16th Street station.

Yes, that's right, I had a freakin fajita. Tortilla, rice. Diet is over.

Last night after I told Michele all about it, she was dissapointed in me. I decided to just end it all and wallowed in a piece of Cedric's ice cream birthday cake. As I type this, I'm eating another piece and it's not even 7 AM. :-(

Sorry, South Beach. I let you down. I guess diets *are* just fads.

April Fool's!


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