Wednesday, March 26, 2008

South Beach Diet - Day #5

posted by John Blanco @ 7:25 PM


Day 5 has come and my body is making a turnaround. Firstly, weight-wise, I am down to my wedding weight, which is great. :-) But, I don't care too much about the weight. I *feel* a lot better. And today, I didn't feel famished (or I guess semi-famished). I felt good. Energy level good. I'm hoping tomorrow is the super-energy day I had last time. But, I no longer feel like I'm dieting now -- I guess I'm over the cravings. ;-)

Which is good. Tonight we went to order Cedric's birthday cake and I coulda eaten half the store. I also had to deal with Michele making cupcakes on Sunday. How much more can I take?

Proud on two counts as well. I ate two things today I've never eaten before. First, I ate an entire hard-boiled egg. I usually get turned off by the white part, but this time I ate it and I quite liked it. :-)

Second, and this HUGE...I ate green beans! Granted, I thought they were sorta nasty, but I ate my whole plate of em so that's good. And now I know it's one more evil creation veggie I can deal with.

Day 5 is done. On to day 6!


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