Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cimbi Ran Away

posted by John Blanco @ 7:36 AM


Sad news to report. Yesterday morning, while we had our french door slightly open, Cimbi pushed his snout through and got on to the porch. I snuck behind him to try to get him before he scurried away and he saw me and pounced down to the yard.

I immediately turned back to grab a couple of food bags to lure him back. I went back outside and heard dogs barking next door and Cimbi saw me and heard the dogs and got scared and tore to the front of the house, jumping up on to the gate and then into the other neighbors yard.

He ran to the back, and then I heard my neighbor opening the gate and telling his dog, "Go get em!" And I said to the neighbor "That's my cat!" and he's like "Oooooh!" Cimbi saw the dog and jumped over the entire fence and ran to the back door again. However, I made the mistake of going to the back door as well instead of hoping Michele would see him and open the door, and he ran from me again! :-( (What did I ever do but feed you, clean your litterbox, and pet you!)

That was the last I saw of him.

It's been a day now. We left some food out on the back porch, and it's being eaten, but we don't know by who. Except for meowing we heard when he had initially escaped, Cimbi has vanished without a trace. We have no idea where he is. We walked around a couple times, but nothing. No footprints in the snow. No meowing. Nothing to go on.

So, today, we continue the waiting game. It's been pretty cold, though, unless someone took him in, he better get back here quickly. :-/

Update: CIMBI IS BACK!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, John, this is Colleen... you should get a live trap from Home Depot -- I think they rent those out for like $50 or something -- and put some food in it. Cimbi won't like you for awhile, but you'll have more of a chance of getting him back. I'm so sorry about kitty! :-(

6:38 AM  
Blogger John Blanco said...

At this point, if he wants to be a wild kitty, I'll let him be a wild kitty. I know he had some tendencies when you knew him, but he is ALWASY trying to get out. In fact, his best escape to date was our wedding night after we got home. :-/

Someone's been eating the food we put out. Don't know who yet, but it's likely the cat who lives behind us and not him. We'll see what happens.

10:34 AM  

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