Friday, February 29, 2008


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Last week, my job sent me and the team out to California for a third time. Since we had to be out there about 4 days, Michele and I decided the whole family should come with me and that we should go to Disneyland!

So we did. :-)

After working nearly non-stop for three days, Michele and took a break and went to Disneyland on Friday. (Just like God, on the last day I rested.) We spent the morning getting some breakfast at Ralph's Market (in Glendale) and then, at 11, drove 45 minutes to Disneyland for some fun!

What a great place it is. I've always had the irksome feeling when I went that the parking lot would have faded paint, outdated Mickeys on the signposts, and that all-in-all I'd have this sorta "Disneyland musta been great -- back in the day" feeling. But no, not at all, as many of you may already know. The place is kept fresh, trimmed, clean and we had a blast!

Aside from eating and eating and eating, Michele and I took Cedric on all the famous rides. We went on Pirates of the Carribean, Haunted Mansion, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Snow White's Scary Adventure, Casey Jr., Winnie the Pooh, and -- albeit alone -- I got to go on Splash Mountain. :-)

We had lunch when we got there, then bought a Mickey balloon for Cedric. After walking around for a while and buying Cedric some Mickey ears, we decided the balloon was driving us nuts. It was windy and the balloon was huge and flew all over the place, so we stopped by Casey Jr. to see if a vendor could offer us scissors or a pin to deflate it. While I was with the vendor, Michele was mesmerized by something. When I came back a minute later, Michele asks me, "Hey. Is that Adam Sandler?"

I look up and, 5 feet away from us, I'm staring directly into Adam Sandler's dreamy eyes. Whoa! It is him! And Michele also pointed out that Kevin James was with him, too! They were going on to the Casey Jr. ride with wives and kids, and I was unable to snap a pic due to the blockading of their bodyguards and Disney personnel. However, while we were on line for Casey Jr., I was able to snap these pics as they were leaving the ride:


After taking Cedric on his first ride, we painted the rest of the park red. My favorite ride was Splash Mountain because I love getting drenched on rides. :-) Pirates was also wicked cool. Next time, Michele and I need to eat in the restaurant they have in there, too!

We played around til about 10 PM when we decided to journey back to the hotel. What a fun time! Can't wait to go to Disney World some day. :-) Here are some pics of us:


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