Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Colorado Caucuses

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Last night, Michele and I went to our first caucus. That is, we voted in the Democratic primary. If you're not familiar, some states do this by caucus, some by primary. It sorta seems the more populated states do primary -- but I have to say I prefer the caucus so I was pleased by the end of it. :-)

We arrived at Deer Creek Middle School early, about 6:20, 40 minutes before the "doors close" for voting. Immediately, we noticed it was PACKED. Every spot was taken, so we parked along the curb in the lot. Inside the school, there were crowds. We walked a ways, branching through this neat little school, and finally got to room #141, where our precinct was holding the Democratic caucus. (Republicans vote in separate rooms to avoid screaming and election by death match.)

The room was pretty crowded already. It seemed to be half for Hillary, half for Barack. Michele and I disagree on the nominee, so she took Cedric, I took the diaper bag, and we split up. :-) I talked with a few people while people cooed over Cedric. After about a half hour, the room was called to order, about twice as stuffed as when we entered.

If you don't know what a caucus is, it is basically where the people declare who they support, make a case for their choices to undecideds and the other side, then a re-vote occurs and delegates are apportioned.

Overall, it was great fun. The Obama side did a good job converting people. I even got my licks in when one man disagreed with Obama's energy stance and one woman disagreed with Obama's ability to help bring peace among world relations.

In the end, the final vote was 53-16 for Obama! This was even better than the state results, as Obama won easily 66-33%. :-D

OBAMA 08!!!

The Jefferson County #'s are in as well. Our "normally" conservative county saw the Democratic turnout far exceed what the Republicans could do. Chalk this up to two great candidates, or the Independents' rebuke of the Bush Administration, but it was great to see. Caucus results: 14,000 Dems to 2,000 Republicans.


With Super Tuesday done and the Dem candidates still in a virtual deadlock, the next big day is Saturday. So let's Barack and roll!


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They didn't even let the republicans vote in the same BUILDING at my caucus. Fun stuff, huh? Too bad it will be 4 more years til I can do that again!

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