Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back From New York

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So, I've taken to not announcing these sorts of trips on my blog so as to defend my home better. :-) However, funnily enough, I did forget to tell some friends I'd be gone 9 days. Sorry about that!

Just got back laaaaaaaaate last night. Was in NY visiting family for the week and so they could see Cedric again -- this time not in a whirlwind, 3-day trip. As has been the case, since Michele and I are so eager for vacation, we did a lot of stuff.

We took two trips into Manhattan. In that time, we went to Macy's, Nintendo World Store, H&H Bagels (on a friends' recommendation), the Natural History Museum, Chris and Theresa's apartment, a couple of diners, the NBC Store, Rockefeller Center, and saw a near riot between Chinese and Tibetans :-) We wanted to do the Circle Line and see the Intrepid Museum but were thwarted when one was closed and the other was, uh, not there. ;-)

Also, got to see the family. Everyone is doing well, and my mom was showing lots of improvement. We stayed at my sister Pam's (Hi Pam!) and also had a Pre-Easter dinner with the whole family. Glenn and Danielle got married as well, those crazy cats. :-) We went to the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner/wedding/reception and also got to see them for some games and a movie as well as for a Nathan's lunch (on out last day).

On Wednesday, we threw a birthday party (the first of two, but the REAL one) for Cedric. He turned ONE on March 19th. :-) We all had a lot of fun and I'll surely post lots of photos soon. Cedric and Theresa came over to partake, as well as Theresa's sister and her son, Malcolm, who we got to meet for the first time!

And now we're back. We've been doing food shopping today and brought Cedric over for his first Easter egg hunt which our neighborhood had. Tomorrow morning, our friends Minka and Greg will have their own, likely much more difficult, Easter Egg Hunt. So that will be a fun one, too. :-)

Lots of gaming later. No More Heroes is winding down, and we have a lot of Smash Bros. to play and unlocking to do. Michele will also play Zack and Wiki for the first time and ... on Monday, I will start Final Fantasy VI Advance! :-)


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