Sunday, March 30, 2008

South Beach Diet - Day #9

posted by John Blanco @ 1:50 PM


So much to post today, but I'll start with this one. :-)

Got through yesterday, which was no easy task! It was Cedric's birthday party!! (Colorado Edition) The ice cream cake was so enticing, but I had to skip. We did save the last part of it so I will have a piece on Friday. :-) I had some barbecue, but no buns or sides. Whew! Made it!

A few more hours left til the double-digit days. :-) I'm almost never hungry between meals which is where I wanted to be, but meals are getting trickier as I've gotten tired of a couple things. Not too long to go, though. I may also end phase 1 a couple days earlier since I'[ll be at Dodger Stadium Wednesday and it would be kinda silly to not eat at least a hot dog when the phase will end so soon after. Plus, another few days of my body already feeling comfy should be good enough.

But now I need to start reading up on phase 2. I can't wait to have fruit again!!


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