Thursday, April 03, 2008


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Went to the Dodgers game at Dodgers Stadium last night. Fun! Nice little stadium, felt very intimate, and the fans are certainly vocal! It would have been even more fun, but for some reason, there were just too many Dodger fans who felt insistent on making it very clear that, and I quote, "Giants Suck!"

Lord help the few Giants fans in the stadium that just wanted to watch the game. :-) It was incessant. Gladly, the Giants beat them 2-1 so HA. Plus, BOTH teams suck!

Allen (from Neopets) and I were going to leave in the 4th when a rain delay began, but the rain subsided when we got to the car so I grabbed my jacket and we put our bags in and we headed back. We stayed til the 7th as the game was running quite late. NO traffic on the way home, very nice! haha

Anyway, my voice is SHOT. Not from the game, I didn't yell at all, but because I am getting sick. Luckily, no sniffles or anything, so hopefully I can survive til I get home late tonight. But, some meetings at Neopets may go very badly today. :-(


Blogger cellothug said...

Sounds fun! Congrats on the diet, too...I can't believe you've never had green beans!

Man, I hate when I flunk the word verification test. :(

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