Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Welcome to Errand City. Population: Me.

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Well, seeing that I was about to fall asleep at work by 6 PM, I decided it was best to come home, get stuff done, rest up, and be at work tomorrow for my long haul. Half-assing through 2 hours of coding wasn't good for me, or InsureWorx.

But, yes...I did have a productive night! Came home to the Yog and made a bunless burger (actually, my first one ever...I'd rather not do the Atkins super-fat diet, but I bought a sack of burgers for quick meals). I was all set to watch the SOTU address, but realized that is tomorrow night instead. D'oh!

Michele did the laundry, I paid the bills, and then got inspired to do our taxes. Looks like we'll get a nice refund again because we're homeowners, so that's good. I made charitable donations on my taxes as well, so I'm hitting more resolutions. :-)

I also found a replacement AC Adapter for our phone, so that saves us some cash as well. Plus, with the food shopping last night, we're just about caught up. Just need vacuum bags and to, uh, vacuum, and we're done.

I cleaned the stovetop, washed the dishes, and now am tidying up these exhausting last 5 days with a blog. No more sleepy whining from me!

Over the next few days, I hope to hit the gym again and prepare something for the company potluck on Friday. I've been waiting on this for a while, because I'll be stealing an idea from our friend, Minka. She made this insanely great S'mores concoction for when we made our AC movie and I just had to have the recipe. As it turned out, it's off a Golden Grahams box! And, yessiree, I got some last night so I'm set to bake it up tomorrow night.

Twilll be awesome!

And, once again, it's time for beddy bye.


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