Friday, January 21, 2005

Rough Schedule

posted by John Blanco @ 10:27 PM


Well, tonight was the first night I got to enjoy an evening all week...and good thing, too. I was so tired at work that when 4 hit, even though I really needed to work on some stuff, I just had to go home.

Then why are you blogging at 11?? Good question.

Cause I'm dumb. I'm actually going in to work tomorrow for half a day or so, so I need to get some rest. But, once again, I was hacking on Counterpart. Again, made some good progress:

* Wrote an FPS (frames per second) tracker to help optimize the app on the mobile phone.

* Fixed the motion code which was causing a choppy look. Duh.

* Added two more levels and removed one (it was impossible). There are now 3 levels.

* Optimized the code to add at least 2 extra FPS's on the mobile phone. Awesome! The slowest part of the code is the tile drawing. Not much that can be done I don't think.

Overall, my phone is regarded as a bit out of date...I actually bought it knowing that...I didn't want the top of the line phone. So, seeing that my game currently runs at 13-14 FPS really isn't that bad. Plus, if I use some device-specific stuff for Motorola, the speed should improve.

And, plent more room for speed increases, especially as it comes to over-factoring.

Now, really...time for bed.


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