Monday, January 17, 2005

Lookin' Good

posted by John Blanco @ 7:15 PM


Just got back from visiting Aaron. He looks great, considering what he's been through! Good for him!

His surgery was 2 hours long, and he was back and resting by 10:30 this morning. We got there a little before 6 tonight, and after a long chat with Adri and Ramone in the cafeteria, we visited Aaron.

He was wired to the tea with liquids, pain relief, massagers, etc. VERY tired, he was about knocked out, but we got to talk to him a bit. Mmmmmm, Morrrrphiiiine....

Tomorrow he will try to walk around...he'd better rest up! So far, everything looks great for him, and he's facing about 10 years dialysis free!


Once again, in other non-important news...yes, they are asking 60 hours a week from us at work. It will be quite a struggle since the Flash Policy team (includes me, of course) has very little remaining work left. So, we're pouring in our time to the Claims side of the house. It's a little more difficult to work such grueling hours over such a period of time when the work isn't very personal to you:

"You finished ahead of schedule! Congratulations! Now, pick up the slack for the other team!!"

Still, it's *our* team as a whole. So, I'll put in the effort. Will be a challenge to adjust to a different coding scheme, but I'm game.

A tough 4 weeks will follow.

What am I doing? I need to start working on my game again! BYE!


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