Friday, January 28, 2005

Round #2: The Power Wrapup

posted by John Blanco @ 7:08 AM


I haven't blogged since Tuesday because of the push at work. So here goes the super summary! :-)

GOT A NEW MACHINE AT WORK! 3 GHz Pentium, 2 Gigs of RAM...GIGGITY GIGGITY! That rabbit is dynomite! Work just got so much easier...and faster...!

Added a couple levels and a couple tiles to Counterpart.

Headed to the cabin today. Got my completed Interpretive Christmas gift, and looking forward to getting my own tomorrow!

I've got about 41 games loded up and ready to go. Wow. Plus, a giant bag of gummi bears! And the GameCube! AND A VCR! AND DVD's!!!!

3 days from work will be a godsend.

I learned what the word parsimony means. I shall apply it to the API's I write. :-)

OK, everyone have a great weekend! The Yog and I'll be back Sunday night!


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