Sunday, September 30, 2007


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That's the only word to describe the 2007 New York Mets.

I've seen talented teams fail to win before. But not like this. This team *proved* they could win, this year and last. No, these 2007 Mets decided they didn't care to try. They had it so easy last year, they thought auto-pilot would work this time around. Their mid-season swoon was disgusting...but, oh, they'd be fine they said. Bullshit.

This last few weeks, they played just like they had earlier. This time, they had a big lead. But, you go out and lose EIGHT STRAIGHT to the 2nd place team, they deserve the title, not you. Now, the Mets go down in history as hemmoraging a 7-game division lead with 17 games to go...for the first time ever...

But we did it in 14.

Congrats to the Rockies, you busted yer asses to get to this one-game playoff. Peavy is tough, but destiny is with the Rockies this year and not the Padres who choked in the last 2 games of the year. (Trevor Hoffman, oh boy.)


Blogger JH said...

Usually the when someone describes a team's play in September and uses the word Historic it's a good thing, too bad "collapse" is the word in front of it when it's describing your Mets this year!

Go Rox!

7:06 AM  

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