Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Mootix Doesn't Like Ice Cream!

posted by John Blanco @ 8:56 PM


After four days in to the new job, I think it's a good time to blog about it. As Jackie says, "Whew! What a week!"

Monday found me taking my first solo LightRail ride to get downtown to the new place. It was a good time -- but I spent half the day essentially waiting for someone to tell me what to do. After finally getting some direction on my first project, I got some lunch at Wall St. Deli (I can definitely see bringing my laptop and doing some work there!) and then got my new machine when I got back. The rest of the day was a sort of "WTF is this Mac?" experience.

Tuesday, was a really tough day. I felt pretty lost and overwhelmed. Did some more requirements work on the project, but still not doing much of anything. I left at 6 PM with a huge headache and worn out and pretty bummed.

Wednesday, I worked from home since I wasn;t doing much in the office. I poured through source code and got myself a little more comfortable with what;s going on. A conference call in the morning was the only project work I could do.

Today I was back in and literally had no project work to do. Long story, but we're waiting on the client. However, I did get deeper into Flex and actually wrote an AIR app that I found kinda fun. :-) I also did some loose UML markup for the new project, but nothing official.

After four days, I really like the office and's just a bit frustrating that I can't seem to pay anybody to give me work! Since my last 4 years included ActionScript 1 work primarily, I need to get into the new stuff...and the only time I have been able to is my own tinkering around.

I simply can't wait to get this project going. The perfect mix of chllenge and fun. :-) Oh well, I'll just keep doing my own thing...


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