Sunday, August 26, 2007

Effective UI: Let The Games Begin...

posted by John Blanco @ 8:32 PM


Tomorrow is my first day at Effective UI. This, I believe, is m first real shot at "The Majors." My new position will offer me a challenge that will involve tougher work, tougher constraints, and a necessary desire to be something better every day.

To be honest, I am a bit intimidated. That's a good thing. :-) If I wasn't intimidated, I would be bored. This is definitely different work than I'm used to, but it's work I am so eager to get started in.

Game programming? That will be a big portion of the work. Flex UI? That will be most of the rest of it. Some back-end work? Perhaps. And if so, I will likely get to work with Ruby on Rails more, too. :-) I am so ready.

A lot of changes on the home front have gone on in the meantime, too. The most noticeable is that I've decommissioned the PC. W00t! My laptop is now on Michele's desk, and she's been made a user. Basically, she'll use this laptop primarily. I am getting issues a Mac OS X laptop at the new job, and so I've cleared off my desk for it. I'll still need this laptop for my sidework at times, but overall this is now Michele's machine and I have a user account on it. ;-)

Also, I bought a portable MP3 player. I can listen while I ride mass transit, which is the third big change...

Yes, I'll be taking LightRail to my new job downtown. And it doesn't stop there. I'll also be selling my Volkswagen. WOW! My college car is going to be leaving! This is good though. Chester is getting up there in age, and I'll save a ton of money each month by getting rid of it. (Insurance, GAS, average cost of repairs per month, oil changes, etc.)

I feel real good about all this. The only detriment to any of it is that I'll be spending more time commuting. But, so many things will make up for this -- Michele and I will be adjusting to the new routine very positively I predict.

Bring it's all starting...NOW.


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