Friday, August 24, 2007

The Last Day of Fiserv...

posted by John Blanco @ 11:11 AM


Wow, here it is already. The last day. Eerie. Well, it's especially eerie now because the office is empty due to the Indian potluck going on upstairs. :-)

The going-away lunch went well yesterday. About 25 people and I gave a speech. Michele and Cedric came, too, and Cedric was a little fussy from the noise. Poor guy! I got a Gamestop gift card which was very nice of everyone and Dorrie gave me a card with a bunch of signatures on there (I liked Kappan's). Oddly, Dorrie didn't even sign it.


One more afternoon to go now. The odd highlight is my car. I took all the bumper stickers off yesterday evening. It looks naked. It's just plain weird...I'll have to take a pic. :-)



Blogger cellothug said...

Good luck at the new gig! Where's the DDR tally at the top? :(

7:03 PM  

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