Friday, August 31, 2007

Welcome to effectiveUI

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My first week at effectiveUI is complete. Overall, hard to say, I spent only a small part of it not pouring through source as a learning exercise. However, I do love it. Very excited for my second week now. :-)

Here's a little tour.

WARNING TO FISERV EMPLOYEES: This blog includes pictures which will not match your idea of what an office is supposed to look like. Do not be alarmed.

First, here is my desk...

This definitely doesn't look anything like my Fiserv cube. Many of my adornments simply did not make the cut, including my wall. This is because, well, I have no walls. Nor does anyone. So, you'll see some statuettes on the left, photos on the right, and a big freakin' bottle of Jelly Belly's (eat your heart out Ronald Reagan).

At the very left edge, on the floor, you see a pillow. That is for one of the company dogs, named Cooper. We have several dogs, owned by various employees. :-)

Here's the rest of the office...

See? Still no walls. :-) If you look way back at the door and then shift your eyes slightly to the left at the monitor -- yes, that's the President's desk. It's not all bad for him. That monitor is a 30" LCD screen. (Actually, I'm not sure how his eyes perceive it.)

For those that know Sean Christmann, his brother is sitting at the table in the black shirt. They have the same mannerisms. It's freaky.

The other side. This includes the full dog pillow. See the gathering of people in the front? That's the conference room. ;-) Good luck with that. On the other side of the wall is construction. Comedy is seeing the Marketing Director try to give a talk during the company meeting over the sounds of drilling. Alas, soon it will all be quiet and serene...yeah, maybe 4 months from now. :-)

See the monitor that's positioned vertically two sets of tables from mine? Near that brush looking thing on the pillar? That's Tony Hillerson's desk. :-)

What the hell is that? Well, first, that's Michele's left half. :-) But, what's the thing on the wall? Yes, people. THAT is the bathroom key. You see, the office is under construction and there are no bathrooms. Luckily, the gym in the building behind us doesn't open until 5 PM and they let us use this key to get in and use the facilities until ours are completed. One key. Fourty employees in the office. Not fun. Luckily, I got the desk right next to the key, so I can snag it very quickly when it comes back. ;-)

This is the back door; the door everyone uses if they wish to avoid inhaling sawdust. Luckily, the scan card system started working this week, so I can get to work early if I want. :-) This area is used to store the several bikes that people use to get to work. It's also used for phone calls. Who's walking around back there? Yep. Sean Christmann. His ghost haunts the place during work hours.


Yep, so there is your tour. Hope you enjoyed. :-)


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