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How Dumb a Fuck Is Bill O'Reilly? [UPDATED]

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There are some dumb people in this world. Bad drivers. Parents who let their kids get away with everything. Crack addicts. But, none of them approach the unbelievable dumb-fuckedness of Bill O'Reilly.

If you don't know, Bill O'Reilly has his own show on the Fox News Channel. Now, if you watch Fox News for about, oh, 10 minutes, you will quickly identify that they are very much right-wing. On the whole channel, only Alan Colmes would be considered left-wing and he only has a small part of a bigger show, Hannity and Colmes. The whole channel masks their views under the guise of "Fair and Balanced" which is so hilarious it makes you dry heave.

O'Reilly himself likes to say he's an Independent, attacking both sides of the aisle. Yeah, if you believe that, I have some nice beachfront property in Kansas to sell you.

So, here's the situation, on Monday O'Reilly ran a hit piece on Jet Blue. They are sponsoring the 2007 Yearly Kos convention which is a gathering of members of the single largest political blog on the Internet, the Daily Kos. So, of course, Bill wants to do everything in his power to hurt it.

So what does he do? He sends a no-name reported (an interning producer) to the home of the Jet Blue CEO and assails him with absolute nonsensical attacks on Daily Kos and asking why they are sponsoring a "hate-filled, KKK-like Web site". You have to be kidding me. Here's the whole clip. Don't watch it if you've just eaten:

Now, are you still conscience? If so, here's how dumb a fuck Bill O'Reilly is...

First, the quotes he attributes to the "hate-filled" Daily Kos site are not attributed to its owner, editors, or writers. No, those quotes are attributed to anonymous blog contributors. The Daily Kos is a BLOG. Anyone is free to create a diary on the site and contribute. Anyone. Even -- oh, I don't know -- Bill O'Reilly himself! The point being this is the Internet. These comments are not endorsed by the Daily Kos and they could in fact have been written by a right-winger on the site!

ANYONE who has any experience with online blogs knows how stupid individual writings can be. The same hit piece Bill O'Reilly did could have been about the hideous Free Republic (I refuse to link to the cretins, but you can find it if you care), who's actual WRITERS have written the vile content, not just anonymous contributors. ANY and EVERY blog has opinions that are added by anonymous contributors which are awful.

Anyone with a brain knows that.

Now, the funny part was actually brought to my attention by my buddy Vincen. In the report, O'Reilly AND the producer, both make a reference to "the Pope being called a primate." Well, take a look at the definition of the word primate.

But the dumbfuckery doesn't end there. Tonight, O'Reilly highlights on his show the following:

Guess what? That is completely false. If you look at the Yearly Kos Web site, the Jet Blue sponsorship remains intact. The Webmaster of the site has not been contacted at all about removing it. And then there's this:

Jet Blue Says They Will Keep Sponsorship

And then there's Markos Moulitsas, who is one of my personal heroes:

Not true

O'Reilly is wrong.

Mr. O'Reilly. You are a complete shmuck.

UPDATE: Oh, and now this final word. Bill, you fucktard.

UPDATE 2: In one of the stupidest moves I have ever seen, JetBlue has changed their mind again and are pulling their logo (not the free flights, mind you) from YearlyKos. How absolutely dumb of them to cave in to completely baseless accusations. Obviously, I will never fly JetBlue again. Stupid bastards.

UPDATE 3: See on Bill O'Reilly's site that threats against the life of Hillary Clinton have been made and O'Reilly's reaction to them here. Gee, no kidding Bill.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, this is Colleen. That is ridiculous!!!! I hate to see companies bend over for such stupid reasons. I'm sure they had a good thing going (lots of publicity) if they just kept their logo and sponsorship up (and, thus, their balls intact). By removing it, they probably pissed off a boat load of people.

Of course, any company has a right to do what they want with their sponsorships. I can understand not wanting to be connected to any political party, so they can balance between all consumers (money is the end-all, of course!).

But the saddest part is that O'Reilly went after them in the first place. Of course, O'Reilly is an entertainer like all the talking heads on TV. I saw this amazing side of him on some sort of debate show on C-SPAN one evening (I think I was really bored that night!). O'Reilly was actually very moderate and pretty damn funny, to boot. He was very different than his persona on Fox. I was absolutely fascinated.

These days, I choose my battles... but I'm very glad to see people like you out there fighting the good fight - knowledge is power. And you're sharing a lot! I hope you sent JetBlue a letter!

Anyway...just some ramblings. Hope you geeks-- I mean, guys have fun at Harry Potter night tonight. ;-) Take care!

1:57 PM  

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