Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Father's Day & The Swetsville Zoo

posted by John Blanco @ 5:15 PM


Spent the weekend boiling -- but, whilst boiling -- we did have some fun.

First, on Saturday, Michele and I went to the Swetsville Zoo. This is a mechanical zoo just south of Ft. Collins that is unique to say the least. Think junkyard and art. Junkyart?

Here, Cedric gets up close and personal with some other -- err -- babies. ;-) The works there were real neat...though it was hot as fuck. I mean, seriously. Al Gore indeed.

On Sunday, I got to enjoy my first Father's Day as a dad. :-) What, fun! Michele's parents had a little BBQ in a nearby park. We munched on food and chips and the whole family there. It was a fun day.

Sadly, Michele and have just realized that I have no pics with my son on Father's Day! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? ;-) I'm betting Andy has some. I know I took pics. I know there are film pics. And we do have video. But, still...for shame.

Cedric, you ham. :-) But guess what? Today, you're officially a 3-month old ham! Happy birthday, buddy!


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