Monday, June 04, 2007

Dems Done Me Proud!

posted by John Blanco @ 8:48 PM


Last night was debate #2 for the Dems. Remember, they skipped the Fox News debate. Well, the 5 leading candidates anyway. And rightly so. :-)

The three leading contenders...and all three I do like...done good. Barack, Hillary, and John Edwards. (John, you need a more unique first name.) What was most impressive about Barack and Hillary is how they MADE SENSE. Some of Wolf Blitzer's questions were obviously trying to bait a catfight. They had none of it. Hillary showed the kind of leader she is by nearly taking control of the whole debate, correcting Wolf on his questioning ability. (Wolf, a no-fly zone is NOT the same as military action!)

Here's a great highlight of Hillary laying down some funny. Oh, Cheney, we can't wait til you leave town.

I think my top 3 have switched a bit. Obama is 1, Hillary is now 2, and Edwards drops to 3. I love John's views, but when I close my eyes I can better envision Hillary as leader of the free world than I can Edwards.

I also really like matching up Biden with Hillary. They work well together. So a Hillary/Biden ticket. For Obama, I might like to see Obama/Edwards. I can't envision Hillary as VP.


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