Saturday, June 02, 2007

LIVEBLOGGING: Can I Beat Mike Jacobs?

posted by John Blanco @ 10:05 AM


As I stated in earlier blogs, we are having a step competition at work. On our team of 5 is Mike Jacobs. He holds the team record for one day of steps at 30,303 (yes, the palindrome is intentional). My goal has been to beat him.

Michele and I started today with a loooong walk to the bank. I currently stand at 12,258 steps and it's not even noon yet. My goal is to beat Mikey boy today. Stay tuned!

11:06 AM - After a long walk to the bank and Einstein's Bagels, which took almost a couple hours, I am at 12,258 steps. Need to do some work now, but I have plenty of activities lined up today including a DDR party later. :-)

12:54 PM - At 16,257. Did some steps while I worked. Yes, I look like a fool, but today is the day to beat Jacobs. Just came back from a walk with the family to King Soopers to pick up drinks and trash bags for the DDR party. Why the trash bags? Because it's time to mow the lawn. :-)

1:36 PM - Now at 18,368. Done mowing, and doing some laundry. Also, did 2 minutes on the treadmill when I was getting close to 18,000. :-) We're gonna head to the hardware store as soon as I shower. The next couple hours might be slow as I need to re-screen some screens as well for the first time. I hope to sneak in some DDR, though, before the party which we need to leave for just after 5 PM. HURRY!!!

4:40 PM - I'm now up to 21,927! My second highest total and it's only 4:40. :-) Went to Ace and Home Depot and Tony's and then re-did the screens. I AM SO PROUD! I am a handyman. WHOOO! OK, gonna squeeze in 15 mins of DDR before we leave for the party! Cross yer fingers! (Unless your name is Mike Jacobs of course.)

12:52 AM - 31,283!

12:53 AM - Jacobs has been defeated! Before leaving for the, right after the last blog...I did 15 minutes of DDR to get to the 24,000 mark. I was approaching 25,000 by the time we left. Whilst at the party, I did a lot of pacing and played, of course, DDR. Not as much as you might think. It took a lot of walking around Brian's place to make it to the record-breaking mark! And, although Jacobs and I celebrate the team leading mark by taking a pic of the pedometer and hitting a palindrome (or 1-upping it!), I am too tired to take a pic and since it's past midnight, it would seem illegal to work on steps. The record has been broken by about 1K (the old record is 30,303) and that will have to be good enough.

Whew, what a day.


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