Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What I've Learned In The Last Few Days...

posted by John Blanco @ 9:41 PM


I've learned that when you hear your baby make a gurgling sound and then hear a "splash," hold him tight to your body so as to avoid collateral vomit damage on the carpet.

I've learned that the guy who made Ruby on Rails (DHH) and I think alike -- even if he is much smarter than me. I've learned that CSS on form controls is neat. I've learned how to write a database trigger, which means my DB arsenal is now larger than just CRUD. :-)

I've learned that JSF is terribly unexciting. I've learned that JBoss Seam can at least make it more interesting. I've learned that the return value of ExternalContext#getParameterValuesMap is immutable and that sucks.

I've learned that, on average, we take 2,112 steps to walk a mile. I've learned it would take ~5,000,000 steps to walk across America. I've learned that I want to make that trek...virtually...very soon.

I've learned that Obama's health care plan isn't as cool as Hillary's. I've learned that Bush is not really a conservative (no big shocker). I've learned that a lot of people hate America -- and I'm not talking about terrorists. I've learned that A-Rod really is a bush-league player. I've learned that. Guillermo. Mota. Is. Back!

I've learned that Super Paper Mario for the Wii is wicked cool. I've learned that Mobat has hit rock-bottom by playing Sonic the Hedgehog for 360 just for the achievement points. I've learned that Brian will make me happy with BBQ this weekend.


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