Monday, July 02, 2007

This Just In: Weekend Kicks John's Butt

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Talk about your lazy weekends. Three words: 95, 100, 99. Yeah, that was the weather. :-)

The weekend started off badly on Friday actually. Having driven home on Thursday with my coolant light flashing, and as we planned to go to nearby Cheesecake Factory after work, Michele drove me in to work.

But I forgot my ID badge so I couldn't get into the office door.

After bugging Michael Martin, he kindly let me in. :-) But, the day was looking to be a bad step day for me. My usual walking buddies were out on Friday. I wasn't going to be able to walk during lunch. Hmmm...

Dorrie to the rescue! She said she was up for walking at 10, so walk we did. And at about 10:11, I was walking past a fire hydrant that I was going out of my way to avoid when suddenly...


My baggy shorts would have nothing of it. They lurched out at the hydrant and offered themselves as a sacrifice to the summer heat! A huge tear along the right side, I was doomed to stay at work.

Wait, I know...I'll just go somewhere and buy a new pair of shorts. Wait, I don't have my car. OK, I'll walk. Uhhhh, this is the DTC. Nothing nearby. Well, I can have Michele come by and bring a pair with her. Wait, she is coming at 4 to go to dinner, I can't make her do 3 half-hour round trips in a day!

So I call Michele to come pick me up.

Equipped with a new pair of shorts, and some work to do at home, we head to Cheesecake Factory and improve on my lousy day by eating nachos. Sadly, though, I think I've had my fill of nachos for now...the big streak is done. :-) Getting sick of em. But, that's besides the point.

Over the weekend, Michele and I stayed indoors except to go to dinner and ice cream with her parents and brother (and girlfriend) on Saturday. We also did our big morning walk, and man were we boiling by the time we got back.

And so, escaping from the heat continues this week. Oh, but don't will get down to 91 by Friday.

I HATE YOU, AL GORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger cellothug said...

Well, our water froze overnight while camping on the Inca Trail. Perhaps you should travel farther south than the cheesecake factory?

2:18 PM  

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