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Cedric, Sorry You Had To See That...

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On Monday, Michele and I enjoyed a 4th of July gift to ourselves (on July 2nd) by going to the Mets-Rockies game. We had a lot of fun and a great adventure.

The day actually started with me going home ill from work (my back lockup again), and also having to pick up Michele who was attempting to walk home from the mechanic in near 100 degree heat. Incidentally, I didn't catch her in time, she was just making it home, talking to a neighbor, when I got there. MICHELE!!

After resting on the sofa for a while and then picking up my car, Michele and I packed up the baby bag and some water for our trip. We decided to take the LightRail, which was a good decision. At $11 roundtrip, it more than made up for the likely $10 parking fee and gas needed to get downtown. Plus, it was gonna be a lot easier.

Well, not TOO easy. You see, we were gonna hit the ATM at the stadium, but the LightRail stations here in Denver don't take plastic! So, after getting to the Mineral station and walking to the tracks, we had to turn back and get back in the car, re-buckle baby Cedric, and drive up Santa Fe to a gas station. Long story short (it's already too long), we got the cash and made for Littleton station to catch the LightRail there.

After taking somve video which will no doubt be in Cedric's second DVD special, we got on the train and chatted with the riders who both ribbed us for being Mets fans and ooh'd and aah'd over Cedric -- wearing his little Mets outfit. ;-)

After the sweltering trip ended at Union Station, we walked up to the park and made our way in. One thing to notice at that point was how many Mets fans were going to be there. There were several at the station, on the train, and walking in. The guy in front of me at the security check joked about bringing in reserves in case of a blowout -- a METS blowout -- and when I found out he was a Mets fan we gave manly high-fives.

Unfortunately, it was the only high-five I could give on the day. :-(

The seats were great, the facilities for feeding Cedric were suitable, and Michele and I took turns eating so that we could hold Cedric while the other chowed and it all worked well. But, in the 3rd inning, Tom Glavine decided to forget how to pitch and gave up a 3-run shot to Matt Holliday with 2 out after having the count at 0-2. The Rockies would score 3 more after that, including a double by their pitcher! It was awful.

The Rockies would score only those very 6 runs, but sadly the Mets failed to score whilst we sat in our cushy behind-the-plate seats. In the 8th inning, we decided to get up and walk the long way around the stadium on our way out. While by the bleachers, the Mets scored their pair of runs and that was all. We remarked as we left that we'd picked the WRONG game to go to. Ironically, we were WRONG for thinking that. Over the next two days, much to my co-workers' knowledge, the Rockies beat the Mets 11-3 and 17-7! DISGUSTING.

My team didn't show up. In the first game my baby boy got to see as an up and coming Mets fan, he saw the WORST series I have ever seen my Mets play. By my calculations, they were only "in the game" for 8 of the 27 innings. The rest were simply blowouts and the Mets never showed up.

Even now they mock me...we're up 2-0 on the Astros, and going against ex-Rockies pitcher Jason Jennings. How OFF were we in Colorado? Sad. And we're usually good here. Bah!

So, let's hope we shed this disappointment...cause I can't deal with that kind of humiliation.


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Thanks for the play-by-play. :) Which pitcher of ours hit a double? Don´t worry, I´m sure Cedric has already gotten over his disappointment.

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