Thursday, July 12, 2007


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So, yesterday I finally, FINALLY, finished Final Fantasy V Advance. I'd been playing it since -- oh, I don't know -- BEFORE CEDRIC WAS BORN! ;-)

So, Michele and I decided, later in the evening, to pick up a new game we hadn't played before that, umm, my nephews like a lot. Two games, in fact: Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl!

Yeah, I know what you're thinking -- THOSE ARE KIDS GAMES! Well, yeah I thought so, too. Then I found out my friend Mobat loved em. Then I found out OMG there are adults that play it. And then after doing a hell of a lot of research that we'd buy em.

Gotta say...pretty damn good game. :-) The Pearl and Diamond versions, the first *real* Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS, are extremely polished, all-encompassingly good games. A mix of RPG, adventure, and you even get online play WITH VOICE CHAT! So we look forward to many months enjoying this game.

I named my character ZaBlanc. You also get a blonde friend...I dubbed mine John 5 after the former Marilyn Manson guitarist whom the character sort of looked like. :-)

OK, I didn't say they were twins. ;-)


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