Monday, July 30, 2007

Colorado Springs Weekend

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Back from a weekend in Colorado Springs to celebrate Michele's birthday. :-) Happy Birthday, Chele Bear!! :-D

Went down on Saturday...the first thing we did was go to the North Pole. Yes, *THE* North Pole! OK, not *THE* North Pole...but, North Pole, Colorado. (How did they get that city name anyway?)

In the Springs is a place called the North Pole. It's a very small amusement park, but actually is not bad. The rides were fun mostly because it was so easy to get on and off...we even went on a couple holding Cedric. No fancy rules for safety which is nice for kiddie rides. ;-) I also went on a "spinny" ride for the first time in many years. 3/4 of the way through I was starting to regret it, but I had more fun than Michele who was terrified of me making the boat swerve. hahaha....

Cedric also got a picture with Santa Claus. Awwww. :-)

Fancy dinner Saturday night...did I mention Michele's parents paid for all this? We were there with them and her brother Andy and girlfriend Corinne. So, yeah, went to the Sunbird for dinner...whilst it poured. :-) Very rare fancy restaurant that actually has good food and service. ;-)

Sunday, we went to the Cheyenne Zoo which was a little underwhelming except for the Giraffe exhibit which was unbelievable. It's a raised platform and you get to feed them crackers. Girraffes are just so cute. We took one home with us.

Afterwards, we had dinner at Carrabba's (my fav-o-rite restaurant) and then, after bidding Andy and Corinne goodbye, we went to Old Colorado City and walked around a bit whilst I gorged on a white chocolate snowman. :-|


Other little highlights included watching Batman Begins (not bad) and enjoying the hot-food, order what you want, breakfast at Embassy Suites which was realllllllllllly good and accessible. (Yes, I had TWO donuts!!! BUA HA HA HAH AHA)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good time at the North Pole in the summer...

My family, 14 of us including 4 generations, planned a trip the week before Christmas to visit the North Pole. We rented a lodge, yes the entire thing because there were so many of us. And planned to visit the North Pole on a Tuesday.

Because it was predicted to snow 5 inches on the day we were planned to visit, they closed the North Pole the night before. Well it turned out the forecast was wrong and it didn't snow a bit the next day. The North Pole remained closed the entire day.

We went to the Cave of the Winds and had a good time anyway. But, our kids didn't get to see Santa last year because we had planned on visiting the North Pole.

So, don't plan on visiting the North Pole in the winter. You'll never know when they will close.


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