Monday, March 19, 2007

Michele Is In Labor! (LIVEBLOGGING!!!)

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9:53 AM Wow, what a morning...whew! I can finally sit down and relax a bit. The Cedrinator is sleeping in Michele's moms arms. :-)

So, we booked it for the hospital at about 3:30 AM. We got about 2 blocks when Michele's water broke! Things were going way too fast! Luckily, I had put a garbage bag down on the seat of our new car. :-)

We flew down 470 and 6th. I had my hazards on a lot...but thankfully there's not much traffic at that hour. Who'd a thunk??

Once we got downtown, we were coasting along Lincoln when we saw two cars that had crashed pretty darn hard. No one was on scene, though Michele later said she saw someone on their cell phone, but I just couldn't stop to help!!

We got to the Labor and Delivery entrance and Michele immediately vomited. She's so nice to have waited! She vomited some on the way to the door as I gathered the things we needed...she was NOT doing well!

We get upstairs, and we got kind of stalled answering questions before admittance. It took quite a few minutes, but I don't think anyone knew how far along Michele was -- and neither did we. They took Michele to an interim room to "see if she's ready to be admitted". They checked her out...DILATED 7 CENTIMETERS!

Holy crap.

She vomited some more and they wheeled her to the delivery room. They checked her out again because she had a lot of pressure. 9.5 CENTIMETERS!!! Michele was cruisin'!!!

Not even 5 minutes later, they said to her that Neko, the midwife on call, would be in in 15 minutes, so let them know if she needs to push. Well, she needed to push.

Luckily, Neko made it, and Michele pushed for about an hour before baby Cedric was born. Official time was 6:44 AM! He weighs 7 pounds, 14 ounces, and is 20.5 inches long. :-)

9:04 AM I'm uploading pics! Michele gave birth completely naturally. Unfortunately, she tore her cervix a bit so they had to fix her up and part of that was a spinal. Poor Yog!! :-( Cedric is soooo cute!

6:44 AM Cedric is born!!!!!

3:23 AM Headed for the hospital.

3:10 AM Calling the midwife.

3:05 AM Report from the wife is that a dull ache is pretty constant, but the contractions are more regular. This seems consistent with the last two nights, where things kicked off with rapid pains and cramps, but then got regular. We have the radio on as I'm scurrying around the house. Cimbi is meowing. He suspects something. I hope the baby's not coming out yet?!?! :-)

2:57 AM Michele is really in labor this time! She's officially past her due date, and at around 2:25 or so she started feeling real labor pains. They are definitely strong this time, though a few rapid fire ones are causing us not to be at the 5/1/1 pace. We're continuing to time whilst I get ready. Unlike the last two nights, though, these don't just tickle.


Blogger cellothug said...

CONGRATULATIONS! A little too busy to update now, are we? :)

7:02 AM  
Blogger cellothug said...

What a whirlwind! And what a CUTIE! Bringing a new democrat into the world! :) Where'd you deliver, DG? Give Michele my best for a speedy recovery.

(Just remember, the medical community uses the metric, not inches!) :) Congrats again!

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! He is so cute!


9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Cedric is finally here, hurrah!
Congratulations to the 2 happy parents and we hope Michele is recovering nicely.
Michele looks very happy with her wrapped up newborn.

Christopher & Theresa

3:18 PM  

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