Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Family Is Home!

posted by John Blanco @ 2:38 PM


Home, at last! Cedric is exploring his first home. Well, not so much exploring as still sleeping in the car seat. But once he wakes up, I swear it!

Some pics in the last day...poor Cedric had to undergo jaundis treatment. :-( Our friend Kevin stopped by this morning as well...always nice to have visitors, and Cedric needed the support. It was heart-beaking when he cried...the poor guy was so scared for a while. :-(

This pic is of Michele and the her midwife, Neko, who we just love. :-)

Michele's mom, now a second-time grandma.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Cedric had to endure the heating lamps to work off some pesky bilibrun.

Mom and baby...

Uncle Andy and baby...

Cedric in his first outfit and first car seat for the first time.


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