Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cedric + Family Still In Hospital

posted by John Blanco @ 2:33 PM


We're stuck at the hospital another day as we've come to find out Cedric has a mild case of jaundis. They're hoping that a day under "the lights" will nip things in the bud, as his case isn't in a "danger" level yet but they want to take precautions.

I've come home to pick up some stuff and am headed back. Michele i very sad because Cedric is crying under the lights. It breaks your heart to see him like that. :-(

Thanks to our friends who came to the hospital to see the little guy. We love you guys and it reminds us why you're such great friends to have! :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there family,
I know it's hard, but our little Malcolm had to stay in for 2 extra days,and he came home in great health which let Maria sleep at night...literally. But sweet Cedric will be home soon enough.

Be well,

9:23 PM  

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