Monday, April 17, 2006

A Fallen Comrade

posted by John Blanco @ 8:12 PM


Michele's a tough cookies, but she's no match for a double-dose of cramps and a headache. She's been knocked out all night. :-( If there is good news, it's that tomorrow is our 2nd Wedding Anniversary and she won't be hurting as much. All the more lobster for her to eat... ;-)

With no playmate tonight, I've gotten a lot done. Firstly, I watched my first Mets game of the year, thanks to ESPN. And, against the Braves! AND, with Pedro on the mound! A triple, wait...hold it...ANNNNND A MET WIN!

So, chalk us up at 10-2, a full eight games over .500! In fact, and this is a weird stat, this is the FIRST time in MLB history a team has gotten a 5 game lead in the division only 12 games into the season!

Good hitting. Good starting pitching. Good relief. Good defense. Only two losses. Can't have asked for anything more so soon in the season. And a 5 game lead on the f***ing Braves. :-)


I also finally got through another chapter in Reassess Your Chess. I really need to start getting through this book before I lose my will and give up. I have finished it once before, but I really need the review...and the temptation to study openings again is on the horizon.


Also, I got an hour in of Chess Avatara development. Tonight, I added status messages, winner's crown, and repositioned the dialog windows so that you still see the board when presented with pawn promotions, etc. :-)

With these things in place, you really start to feel like your playing a solid game of chess. I suppose draw requests are next. I'll start that before I go to bed. OH BOY OH BOY I can't wait to work on the database!! :-)


OK, time to do some home-y tasks before getting ready for bed. It's frickin hot out, too. Blech.


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